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What is an RFID reader

What is an RFID reader?

RFID reader automatically identifies the target object and obtains relevant data through RF identification signal, without human intervention, and can identify high-speed moving objects and identify multiple RFID tags at the same time, which is fast and convenient to operate.
RFID technology is used in many industries, such as logistics and warehouse management, anti-counterfeit traceability, industrial manufacturing, ETC, etc.. Especially after the concept of Industry 4.0, RFID readers are widely used in the manufacturing industry.
RFID read-write in the manufacturing industry use, with RFID electronic tags in production, transportation, and warehouse management increasingly prominent. In production link instead of barcode scanning, realize automatic data collection; Material pull link with AGV trolley transportation; Warehouse link management goods in and out, inventory, etc.
Highway electronic toll collection system ETC (Electronic Toll Collection abbreviation) in, read-write is defined as RSU (Road Side Unit), that is, road side unit, read-write vehicle unit OBU (On Board Unit).

RFID reader is applied in the management of the car park to realize the identification of the vehicle to discriminate and deduct the fee automatically. If use long-distance range RFID read-write, then can realize not stop, no card fast channel, or unmanned guard channel, or unmanned electronic detection of vehicles in and out of the situation.

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Function of RFID read-write

  • 1. RFID different channels read and write
  • 2. Wi-Fi / GPRS / Bluetooth wireless data transmission
  • 3. GPS positioning
  • 4. Camera camera
  • 5. Support barcode scanning
  • 6. fingerprint recognition
  • 7. Bluetooth
  • 8. Electronic card recognition
  • 9. ID card recognition
  • 10. Reader card
  • 11. RFID electronic tag

RFID reader’s working principle

RFID reader (read-write) carries on wireless communication with RFID electronic tag through antenna, which can realize read-out or write operation of tag identification code and memory data. A typical reader contains a high frequency module (transmitter and receiver), a control unit, and a reader antenna.
Among them, the electronic label is also called the radio frequency label, the transponder, the data carrier; the reader is also called the readout device, the scanner, the communicator, the read-write (depending on whether the electronic label can rewrite data wirelessly). Between the electronic label and the reader through the coupling element realizes the radio frequency signal space (no contact) coupling, in the coupling channel, according to the time sequence relationship, realizes the energy transmission, the data exchange.
Occurs between the reader and the electronic label RF signal coupling type has two kinds.

  • (1) Inductive coupling. Transformer model, through the space of high-frequency alternating magnetic field to achieve coupling, based on the law of electromagnetic induction.
  • (2) Electromagnetic backscattering coupling: radar principle model, launch out the electromagnetic wave, encounter the target after reflection, while carrying back the target information, according to the electromagnetic wave space propagation law.

Advantages of RFID reader

RFID reader as an essential part of the application system, its selection is correct or not will be related to whether the customer project can be implemented smoothly and the implementation cost; in the reader selection is best after a strict process to ensure the success of the project.

  • Firstly, need to pay attention to the frequency range of the reader equipment, see whether it meets the frequency specification of the project use place.
  • Second, understands the read-write’s maximum transmitting power and the matching selection antenna whether the radiation exceeds the standard.
  • Third, see read-write has the antenna port quantity, according to the application whether needs the multi-interface read-write.
  • Fourth, whether the communication interface meets the demand of the project.
  • Fifth, understand the reading distance and anti-collision indicators, reading distance indicators to be clear what antenna and tag under the test; anti-collision to be clear what tag in what arrangement under how long all read;.
  • Sixth, an RFID application system in addition to read-write related, but also with the label, antenna, be labeled items material, be labeled items movement speed, the surrounding environment and other related, in determining the equipment before the best way to simulate the field situation for testing and verification, to ensure that the product can really meet the application requirements;.
  • Seventh, simulate the situation under continuous testing of the stability of the equipment to ensure that it can work stably for a long time.
  • Eighth, to see if the development information in line with the system development needs, it is best to support the system you are using, preferably with relevant routines, if not, by then the development time will be very long, or even the development does not go on.

Frequency of RFID reader

RFID reader according to the frequency can be divided into 125K, 13.56M, 900M, 2.4G and other frequency bands of the reader.

  • 125K: Generally called LF, generally used for animal husbandry management;
  • 13.56M: generally called HF, used for driving school pass, attendance and other personnel management. It can also do asset anti-counterfeiting management;
  • 900M: generally called UHF, communication distance, good anti-collision performance, generally used for parking and logistics;
  • 2.4G: microwave RFID reader, strong penetration, is the first choice for automatic intelligent devices;
  • 5.8G: microwave segment RFID card reader, used in the highway ETC electronic toll collection system, this time the reader is also called RSU (Road Side Unit).

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