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Solution of RFID alcohol anti-counterfeiting system

In today’s society, counterfeit goods have become a worldwide problem. Driven by interests, counterfeit and shoddy products are becoming increasingly rampant in the market, especially for alcoholic beverages, which have become one of the focuses of counterfeit and shoddy manufacturing by lawless elements, bringing great threats to people’s lives and even life safety, and causing huge losses to enterprises. The current wine anti-counterfeiting technology is not very difficult to imitate, and counterfeiters often quickly master this anti-counterfeiting technology and even forge it together with technology developers who lack self-discipline, causing headaches for wine manufacturers.
The advantage of RFID wine anti-counterfeiting is that each tag has a unique ID number that cannot be modified or imitated. The use of RFID technology wine anti-counterfeiting no mechanical wear and tear, anti-fouling; read-write has a physical interface that is not directly open to the end user, to ensure its own security; data security in addition to the password protection of the label, the data part available some algorithms to achieve security management; read-write and label there is a mutual authentication process; data storage capacity, the content can be erased many times, but also to establish a RFID-based system can record the whole process of production, storage and sales of each bottle of wine, and can automatically count the output and sales volume, which can achieve the effect of anti-counterfeiting at the same time, multiplying the benefits and realizing the informationization of management.

The use of RFID wine anti-counterfeiting technology can prevent counterfeit products from flowing into the sales market, control product quality, supervise and manage sales personnel, develop reasonable service strategies, strengthen control management of the market, guide the positioning of enterprise product design and improve the timeliness of business decisions.

Solution of RFID alcohol anti-counterfeiting system

System flow

The adoption of RFID technology will optimize the entire production, distribution and sales of products. On the one hand, it can instantly obtain accurate information flow, improve the monitoring of the logistics process, reduce unnecessary links and losses in the logistics process, and reduce the amount of safety stock and working capital in each link of the supply chain; on the other hand, through the monitoring of the final sales realization, the consumer’s consumption preferences are reported in a timely manner to help merchants adjust and optimize the commodity structure, and thus obtain higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. The wine anti-counterfeiting system runs through the whole process of wine production, sales and distribution, data collection and information processing, etc. The whole process is meticulous and can effectively realize anti-counterfeiting and stifle the inflow of fake wine into the market.
The specific process is as follows.
(1) Electronic tagging on wine packaging boxes
RFID electronic tags as anti-counterfeiting mark, to be attached to the production chain, combined with the original wine bottle logo within the attached to the bottle, and then loaded into the packaging box. The electronic label is a paper EPC label with printed logo information on the surface and a permanent sticker on the back, which is directly attached to the bottle.
Manual and mechanical attachment: When the product is produced, RFID anti-counterfeit tags are placed in the corresponding positions of the product by manual or automated methods, or the tags are placed inside the product packaging box.
(2) Fixed reading and writing equipment is installed on the production line to write data into the tag and automatically record this information
Wine in the end of the packaging production line placed with read-write equipment, electronic label through the read-write area, read-write automatically read out the label ID number, and write the wine EPC code, at the same time in the user data area to write other information such as product off-line time and other information; At the same time, read-write can set different access password for each label according to certain algorithm, to prevent someone from attempting to modify the data inside the label. In addition, the server records the label information, for each bottle of wine to establish a file (production time, wine type, etc.) in order to query. After completing the data writing work the wine is packed into boxes ready for storage.
(3) Sample testing of wine
Wine manufacturers sometimes need to carry out random inspection of the production of wine, it is recommended to increase the inspection of the electronic label a. Wine enterprises can use handheld machines to read the data within the electronic label to ensure that the data has been correctly written.

System function

Anti-counterfeiting inquiry and sales management.
(1) Dealers and retailers are equipped with handheld machines to check the authenticity of wine
The sale of liquor is the most important part of the anti-counterfeiting link, and most fake liquor enters the liquor circulation through the loopholes in the sales link. It can be stipulated that liquor distributors must be equipped with hand-held machines to test the liquor delivered to them to ensure that no fake liquor is mixed in; at the same time, the sale of high-grade liquor is often sold through large shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, etc. It can be recommended that retailers also be equipped with (can be rented) hand-held machines to test the authenticity of liquor. As consumers, in the purchase of alcohol when the power to require retailers to use the handheld machine on the spot to test the authenticity of alcohol, if you can read the data smoothly, indicating that the bottle of wine is the real wine (electronic tags can not be reused, can exclude the possibility of unscrupulous elements to recycle old wine boxes, the electronic tags will be removed and used again as real wine; in addition, fake wine manufacturers to apply RFID systems to counterfeit the cost is too (High, can not do counterfeit; dealers intentionally introduce fake wine may have consequences is a huge loss of reputation and economic losses, can also exclude this possibility), if you can not read the data within the label, consumers can refuse to buy.
(2) The winery may establish a query agency
The electronic label data processed by the reader and writer will be recorded in the server, and the data processing system is cross-linked to the Web inquiry system, and the distributor, retailer or liquor purchaser can inquire the ID number of the electronic label through the communication network to identify the authenticity of the liquor.

Features of the system

(1) Tracing of the supply process
With the expansion of the scope required by retailers, more wine companies are required to use EPC tags at least on pallets and cases. This system can record and track the operation of products in real time, accurately and completely, and can enhance the management of production, transportation and sales of products in a comprehensive and efficient manner, and provide various functions such as inquiries, statistics and data analysis that are perfect and easy to use.
(2) Wine storage management
The EPC electronic label is used on the neck of each bottle of wine produced to record the location, product category, date and other data; and through the label on the bottle, it is possible to grasp the status of the goods, including whether the temperature is suitable, the quality of the wine, etc., according to the unique code of each product, so as to facilitate warehouse management, and to immediately understand the items that need to be replenished, so as to facilitate the management of out-of-stocks. And in the case of returns and exchanges, the data can be modified by simply pouring it into the system.
Wine makers can also use EPC tags with sensing technology to monitor changes in the temperature of the environment where the barrels are located, which can affect the quality of the wine.
(3) Effective anti-counterfeiting function
In the process of buying and selling wine, the fact that the package cannot be opened on the spot to check its authenticity provides an opportunity for counterfeiters. However, the information in the electronic label on the wine bottle can be checked through the EPC system, and the information on the factory, year, factory date, and ingredients of the wine can be clearly understood. Moreover, the technical difficulty of EPC is high and difficult to replicate.
After the wine has been filled and sealed with a cap, the technology of printing at the seam between the cap and the container prints the upper part of the electronic label on the cap and the lower part on the container. When the consumer opens the cap the printed word on the cap is destroyed, while the printed word on the container is intact, and the printed word on the container cannot be erased and forms a permanent mark, preventing the discarded wine bottle from being used again by illegal merchants to fill and impersonate.
(4) Effective security function
Each electronic label has an unmodifiable, independent number, and after special encryption. The password can be changed at any time as needed. Sensors and intrusion detection devices can be managed, such as the creation, deletion, modification of sensor properties and mobile sensors. EPC’s system itself is already a good security system.
(5) Adaptability to the environment

Electronic tags can adapt to various environments and read data correctly regardless of light or dark, wet or dry conditions. Whether in storage or supply process encountered in the unfavorable factors, electronic tags also will not appear wear and tear phenomenon.

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