Naše sodelovanje z vodilnimi svetovnimi maloprodajnimi podjetji prinaša profesionalne sisteme EAS, ESL, RFID in videoanalitiko v maloprodaji. varnostne rešitve za trgovce na drobno vseh velikosti.

What is a golf club tag?

Golf club tag is an anti-theft tag specially designed for golf clubs. The golf club tag has good performance and sensitive sensing. It has steel ball locking device, mechanical lock catch, reasonable design, exquisite technology, light and compact. It is a medium-distance detection tag, which can provide reliable protection for all golf clubs. The tag can be unlocked by the common unlocking device.
The goods stored on the open shelves of supermarkets or self selected shopping malls and other business places have the risk of being illegally opened and illegally taken out of the business places. In order to reduce the losses brought by this aspect, businesses have taken measures such as monitoring and installing anti-theft protection devices on goods, and the anti-theft protection effect is very obvious.
For goods with clubs such as baseball bats and golf clubs, in order not to affect the customer experience, the anti-theft function will be realized by adding anti-theft tags on the clubs.
Kitajska golf club tags manufacturer offers golf club tags.

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