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Контроль доступа к двери Водонепроницаемый RFID брелок RFIDK01

Китай RFID key fob manufacturer www.tractility.com offers Door Access Control Waterproof RFID Key Fob RFIDK01.

Тип: RFID Key Fobs


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Особенности: Waterproof / Weatherproof Интерфейс связи: RFID
Customized support: Customized logo Место происхождения: Чжэцзян, Китай
Фирменное наименование: Активность / RHT Название продукта: Контроль доступа к двери Водонепроницаемый RFID брелок RFIDK01
Частота: 13.56MHz Размеры: 40*31mm or customized
Цвет: White/blue/black/customized MOQ: 100PCS
Thickness: 0.2-0.94mm Материал: ABS
Read time: 100000 times reading range: 3cm-5cm

Упаковка и доставка

  • Единицы продажи: Один предмет
  • Тип упаковки: 200pcs/ctn

Время выполнения:

Количество (коробки) 1 - 100 >100
Est. Время (дни) 15 Подлежит обсуждению

Описание товара

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20211112042500 41411 - Door Access Control Waterproof RFID Key Fob RFIDK01

What are RFID key fobs?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) key fobs are a single part of an RFID system that has two components: a microchip that stores the data and an antenna that receives and transmits the data.
LF 125 KHz RFID key fobs are best suited for employees to access or authorize the use of machines, enter secure areas or drive vehicles. Our RFID key fobs and key tags offer custom art and private labeling. RFID key fobs are used for other applications including access control such as apartment and hotel rooms, identification, public transportation, electronic payments, etc.

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What you need to know about key fobs

As the backbone of electronic access control systems, key fobs have gone through several iterations since their introduction in 1983. Early systems were primarily used for car doors and relied on line-of-sight and infrared light, but we could easily be duplicated. Over time, systems were developed that used interrogation-response authentication via RF and now operate primarily via passive RFID tags that allow data to be exchanged via electromagnetic waves.
Remote keys and key cards are used in a variety of access control systems, providing a simple way for small businesses to manage access to their facilities. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and customization options, allowing businesses to control who enters which doors, view access records, and adjust access rights as their workforce changes. Wondering if a keycard/fob access system is right for you? Here’s what you need to know.

20211112043511 27944 - Door Access Control Waterproof RFID Key Fob RFIDK01

How do key fobs work?

Modern key fobs work via RFID, a smart barcode system that uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track data on “tags” that contain stored information. The information is transmitted via radio waves. The bar code system works similar to the bar code you see on the back of a physical product or on the magnetic stripe of a credit card – it requires a card reader to capture the information.
To open a door with a key fob, you simply hold or wave the key fob in front of the reader. Each key fob box contains a microchip with a unique frequency that communicates with the reader and indicates that the door should open. fob is programmable to allow different levels of access for different purposes. For example, a building manager’s fob can be programmed to access all doors in the facility, while a receptionist’s fob can be programmed to allow access to several areas.

Why use key fobs?

Remote keys are widely used because they are easy to use and manage. They eliminate the process of wiggling a metal key in the lock – all you have to do is hold or wave the key fob over the reader. Proximity keys are another great option for easy access. Remote keys provide the same functionality as traditional keys, but offer additional convenience and security. If a fob is lost or you wish to deny someone access, you can easily cancel access to that fob.
In addition, key fobs allow you to control who has access to which doors and when, so that you only allow warehouse employees to enter the warehouse during their designated work hours. fob also offers the option to save entry and exit records so that you can track attendance, visitors, or employee movement.

What are proximity keys?

Proximity keys are fobs that allow keyless entry. fobs communicate with a reader via RFID and tell the door that it should be unlocked. Proximity keys are different from key fobs because the key fob must be waved in front of the reader to allow access, while the proximity key can be left in a bag or pocket to unlock the door. Proximity keys are primarily used in cars, but are slowly being used in building access control systems.

Where are they used?

Proximity keys can be used in keyless entry cars, apartment or condo buildings, parking lots, college campuses, gyms, office spaces, restricted area buildings, etc.

Can you make copies of the keys?

Yes but it is a process that requires some technical knowledge and an RFID reader, you can purchase RFID readers online and allow you to read and write 125kHz key fobs, which are the most common type used in apartments and office buildings. If you don’t want to do this yourself, there are several key fob duplication services that can clone the fob for you.
Key fob duplication is not worth worrying about. Doing so is the equivalent of taking your metal keys to a hardware store to have them duplicated. The copy is identical to your original fob and is subject to the same allowances and restrictions.

Упаковка и транспортировка

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В: Вы торговая компания или производитель?
A: Мы являемся производителем этикеток EAS более 8 лет в Чжэцзяне, добро пожаловать к нам.
В: Каков Ваш MOQ?
A: Любое количество приемлемо для Вашего заказа. Для большого количества цена договорная.
Q: Если образцы бесплатны?
A: Да, большинство образцов бесплатны, но не покрывают стоимость доставки. 
В: Какова производственная мощность Вашего завода?
A: 700 миллионов штук этикеток в год.
В: Если я закажу большое количество, какая будет хорошая цена? 
A: Мы обратимся к номеру детали, количеству, цвету и предложим Вам нашу лучшую цену.
В: Каково время доставки?
A: В гереал, 7-15 дней после оплаты.
В: Как насчет срока оплаты?
A: Согласно Вашим детальным заказам, общие заказы составляют 100% T/T заранее.
В: Почему стоит выбрать actility? Есть ли преимущества? 

  • 1. Взаимная выгода: Мы являемся фабрикой, наша цена будет дешевле при том же качестве. 
  • 2. Смешанный заказ: Мы принимаем смешанные заказы, заказы на различные модели и небольшие количества. 
  • 3. Послепродажное обслуживание : Поддерживайте связь с клиентом в любое время.

В: Как на Вашем заводе осуществляется контроль качества?
A: Качество является приоритетом. Наши бирки/этикетки протестированы по стандарту 100% и имеют сертификат CE.





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