Colaborarea noastră cu cele mai importante companii de retail din lume aduce servicii profesionale de EAS, ESL, RFID și analiză video pentru retail. soluții de securitate pentru comercianții cu amănuntul de toate dimensiunile.

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Etichetă rigidă EAS RF RF010

China EAS RF hard tag manufacturer offers EAS RF Hard Tag RF010.

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Locul de origine: Zhejiang, China Dimensiune: Ø52mm
Nume de marcă:: Actilitate / RHT Culoare: Black/Gray/White
Număr de model: RF009 Packing: 1,000pcs/ctn, 0.035cbm, 11kgs
Frecvență: 8.2MHz Cerere: Different retail shop, Shopping mall, Super market
Certificare: CE Lock: Magnetic Lock

Ambalare și livrare

  • Unități de vânzare: Articol unic
  • Tip de pachet: 1000pcs/ctn 0.032cbm(44x31x23cm) 11kg

Timp de plumb:

Cantitate (bucăți) 1 – 50000 >50000
Est. Timp(zile) 10 De negociat

Descrierea produselor

EAS Anti-theft hard tags have a stable alarm function that adheres firmly to the product and lasts longer. Hard tags are very durable and can be reactivated for repeated use. It is mainly used in various scenarios such as supermarkets, clothing stores, tool stores, etc. It can be used for liquid and metal packaging to effectively reduce theft losses, increase store profits and improve the shopping experience.

What is an EAS hard tag?

An EAS hard tag is an important part of the Sistemul EAS. The tag is a small “signal transmitter” that you can place on the item to be protected, and if the EAS antenna is turned off, it will send a signal to the EAS antenna to alert it, for example, if someone tries to steal the item and bring it in without paying/removing the tag. bring it into the entrance without paying/removing the tag. At Actility, we also call this consumables.

Who needs EAS tags?

Every store with a theft prevention problem can benefit from the use of an EAS system.
Using the right quality EAS tags and EAS antennas can often reduce the rate of damage by 50-90%.

Does it make sense to install an EAS security system in my store and use EAS tags on my valuables?

It depends on your monthly theft prevention costs and retail type/size. there are different products and setup possibilities for EAS security systems, all depending on retail size, retail volume and retail type.

RFID hard tags have good performance and sensitive sensing. With steel ball locking device inside, magnetic latch, rationalized design, superb craftsmanship, lightweight and compact, for medium distance detection tags can provide reliable protection for all textiles (even fine ones).
Frecvență: 8.2MHz RF Hard Tag / 58khz AM Hard Tag
The clothing anti-theft button adopts the new ABS engineering plastic shell, the high quality coil, the high quality magnetic rod, the high quality internal accessories. All the accessories of the clothing anti-theft button are strictly tested, the anti-aging performance is strong, the antirust performance is strong, the anti rust performance is excellent, the high Q value, the detection rate is high, the service life is very long.
Avantaje: 8.2MHz series / 58KHz series EAS anti-theft hard tag has stable quality and superior performance. It is suitable for all 8.2mhz/58khz decoding systems and detection systems produced by various manufacturers.
Aplicație: supermarkets, clothing stores, shopping malls, hypermarkets, mother and baby stores, jewelry stores.

20211031050235 55491 - EAS RF Hard Tag RF010

20211031050302 60898 - EAS RF Hard Tag RF010

20211031050330 80540 - EAS RF Hard Tag RF010

How to Use EAS RF hard tags?

20211031050358 85268 - EAS RF Hard Tag RF010

The security tag consists of a rigid housing that contains a transmitter. This transmitter is in constant communication with an antenna protecting the entrance to the store.

1. The security tag is attached to the item using a pin that passes through the product fabric. The pin is then locked into the security tag.
There are two common locking mechanisms used in security tags – mechanical and magnetic locks.
In the case of magnetic locks, there are different strengths available, from standard to superlock, superlock and multipole. The higher the magnetic strength, the more difficult it is to remove the tag illegally, and SuperLock is the recommended minimum magnetic strength.
Also, security pins should have a large enough tip to ensure that they are not forced through the fabric of the attached item, and there is a range of available pin sizes.
Security tags also come in a variety of shapes, which also affects the difficulty of removing them illegally.
These shapes include round, square and pencil-shaped tags. Round tags with pins (or flip-top tags) correspond to the size of the tag and are considered one of the most difficult tags for store pickpockets to remove. They are more difficult to force open because there is little surface area available for purchase and the pin cannot be forced through the product without causing visible cuts or tears.
Also, hard tags can be secured to items such as handbags and shoes with steel cables, and bottles and eyeglasses can be secured to products with specially designed hard tags.
2. Removal of security labels
When the product is sold, the security label needs to be removed. This simple process is performed using a separation device mounted on the point-of-sale counter. Whether it is a mechanical device or a high-powered magnet, the remover releases the security tag’s locking mechanism and allows the tag to be removed. The tag can be reused on other products.

Ambalare și expediere

H615b5fa5fc7c4b68863159cd083d6b67B 1 - EAS RF Hard Tag RF010

Hb3ce5cc61dd24655be1c90853bfdd5f1v 2 - EAS RF Hard Tag RF010

Î: Sunteți o companie comercială sau un producător?
R: Suntem un producător de etichete EAS de mai mult de 8 ani în Zhejiang, bun venit să ne vizitați.
Î: Care este MOQ-ul dvs.?
R: Orice cantitate este acceptabilă pentru comanda dvs. Iar prețul este negociabil pentru cantități mari.
Î: Dacă probele sunt gratuite?
R: Da, majoritatea mostrelor sunt gratuite, dar nu acoperă costul de transport. 
Î: Care este capacitatea de producție a fabricii dvs.?
R: 700 de milioane de etichete pe an.
Î: Dacă comand o cantitate mare, care este prețul bun? 
R: Ne vom referi la numărul detaliat al articolului, cantitatea, culoarea și vă vom oferi cel mai bun preț.
Î: Care este termenul de livrare?
R: În gereal, 7-15 zile după plată.
Î: Cum rămâne cu termenul de plată?
R: În funcție de comenzile dvs. detaliate, comenzile generale sunt 100% T / T / T în avans.
Î: De ce să alegeți actility? Există avantaje? 

  • 1. Beneficiu reciproc: Suntem o fabrică, prețul nostru va fi mai ieftin la aceeași calitate. 
  • 2. Ordine de amestecare: Acceptăm comenzi mixte, modele diferite și comenzi de cantități mici. 
  • 3. Servicii post-vânzare: Păstrați legătura cu clientul în orice moment.

Î: Cum procedează fabrica dvs. în ceea ce privește controlul calității?
R: Calitatea este prioritară. Etichetele noastre sunt testate 100% și certificatul CE este aprobat.




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