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RFID solution for intelligent management of garment production

The garment industry has been facing fierce competition, and the needs of customers are constantly diversified. How to realize comprehensive and reliable information management is an important solution to the management and level of modern clothing warehouse. Using RFID solutions, enterprises in the garment industry can complete the changes of informatization and intelligence, improve the level of operation and management, obtain more intelligent response ability, and create more customer value.
RFID technology is applied in the existing clothing warehouse management to automatically collect the data of various operation links such as arrival inspection, warehousing, outbound, transfer, warehouse transfer, inventory counting and so on. It liberates most of the workers from the tedious production and sales data of the enterprise, and greatly improves the timely and effective management level of clothing.

RFID solution for intelligent management of garment production

It is formulated according to the actual needs of garment enterprises to realize the integration and data communication with relevant equipment in the enterprise ERP system, so as to form an integrated and perfect management system, which makes it easier for enterprises to apply RFID technology.

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Advantages of RFID in garment production management

  • Production control: limit the production quantity, materials, process, process and completion time according to different production needs.
  • Process control: each process can be coordinated with the control center and the bill of materials (BOM) to ensure the accuracy of the production process, the use of materials and the person and place of operation.
  • Control center: the control center can collect the time of each process in real time and provide effective data to increase the traceability and visualization of the whole production.
  • Real time monitoring: the real-time means of production can be accessed at any time and place. The management can monitor the progress and process to ensure the production efficiency and product qualification rate and give play to greater production capacity.

Management of RFID finished product warehouse in garment industry

Receiving and warehousing

When the goods arrive at the warehouse, the full inspection operation of clothing can be carried out through the RFID fast inspection channel, and the warehouse management system can instruct the user to transport the goods to the designated location quickly and accurately.

Delivery and packaging

RFID fast inspection channel can quickly complete packaging verification and ensure the accuracy of packaged goods from the source of delivery.

Inventory management

RFID technology can provide visibility, accuracy and traceability for inventory management. With real-time inventory information, inventory control such as replenishment and inventory can be greatly simplified.

Ex warehouse

RFID fast inspection channel can quickly complete the delivery inspection operation, prevent wrong and missing goods, improve the picking speed and accuracy, and avoid human errors.

RFID technology is applied to the management of garment production enterprises to help enterprises realize the functions of intelligent warehouse, intelligent marketing, order meeting commodity / personnel management and anti fleeing management. Accurately and quickly ensure the data of all links of warehouse management, ensure that the enterprise timely and accurately grasp the real data of inventory, reasonably control, maintain and control the enterprise inventory. RFID technology has become an indispensable tool for garment factories to reduce the cost and enhance the level of brand management.

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