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RFID radio frequency identification technology in the electroplating industry applications

Electroplating is an important link in the industrial chain; there is a wide range of applications in various fields, to the electronics, microelectromechanical systems, and the expansion of the steel industry, promoting the electroplating industry to the direction of intensification, scale development, plating industry technology needs to continue to progress. In the production environment, there is much dust, high temperature, high humidity, corrosion, visibility of the actual situation, the traditional bar code, two-dimensional code in the actual production of greater restrictions, easy to read or read errors, and so on.

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RFID radio frequency identification technology relative to the bar code, two-dimensional code has many advantages, such as reading distance, can be used in harsh environments, recognition does not require labeling visually visible but also updates the label content, high-speed recognition of the movement of objects, data storage space. Therefore, the use of RFID radio frequency identification technology can be realized in the plating production line data collection, combined with the original equipment, can significantly improve the level of automation, improve the plating production line data collection accuracy and reliability, greatly improving production efficiency, improve the utilization rate of the material, reduce the product failure rate.

RFID technology in the application of plating fixture

  • Hanger tag initialization: the plating plant will have a unique code of RFID tags, and hanger parts information is bound; each part corresponds to an RFID tag.
  • Pendant tag identification: plating plant employees will be parts on the pendant; Fast Decoding Handheld PDF 2D QR Barcode Scanner Gun automatically identify all the pendant into the spraying process information and uploads to the system console; the system itself statistics pendant use times and prompt maintenance, scrapping, and other information, while identifying the types of parts and process information to the relevant process equipment to ensure that the correct work.
  • Workflow: carrying RFID tags when the fixtures enter the workbench, RFID plating read-write automatically identifies the fixtures into the working range of tags, real-time access to the tag information, and will be read to the tag information to the relevant process equipment to ensure that the production process is complete, the production of plating products and processes to regulate and enhance the standardization of product management, information technology.
  • Logistics management: the plating production process requires the use of a large number of chemicals, and all chemicals have environmental and safety risks. Therefore, plating logistics management, especially the monitoring and management of chemicals, using RFID technology to its location, quality, packaging, and other information for real-time online monitoring, to ensure that hazardous materials from birth to delivery to storage and then to the receipt of the goods, can be traced. Any process not confirmed by RFID plating readers cannot pass through the corresponding gate, the amount and destination of dangerous goods are monitored, and security is greatly guaranteed.

Application benefits

  • 1. Automatically collects the information on hangers and parts in the plating process and provides the information base for the equipment related to the plating process;
  • 2. It realizes the life cycle management of hangers and reduces the product failure rate;
  • 3. Improve the automation level of the electroplating production line and enterprise information management level;
  • 4. Improve the enterprise’s production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and reduce manual process parameters selection errors;
  • 5. The electroplating industry to upgrade the direction of cleaner production to provide advanced technology and equipment support.
  • 6. Reduce the contact between staff and dangerous chemicals, minimize the risk of management negligence, and realize zero risk management.



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