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RFID meat processing traceability management system application

The following is an example of the smoked sausage processing process to illustrate the application of RFID technology in the meat processing process to achieve information technology and traceability management of the production process.

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Smoked sausage processing process:

(1) Raw material inspection

Each batch of raw materials into the plant need to be inspected first, the inspection process includes the disinfection, quarantine and anti-fives certificate and other related certificates to check, register, and sample inspection of raw materials. The inspection process is based on the recorded information to fill out the inspection report, the final assessment of qualified before storage. Seal the inspection report and the “three certificates” original archives, the content of the inspection report into the enterprise production information management platform, for subsequent processes to query.

(2) Raw material warehousing and inventory management

As a batch of raw materials may be purchased in large quantities, the same batch will also have differences, in order to achieve safety traceability, from the raw materials are divided into a number of small batches for refinement management. Small batches can be divided according to the unit time feeding capacity, each small batch corresponding to the use of UHF band RFID tags attached to the container such as tray storage, labeling and coding rules according to the national meat products tracking specifications. The warehouse entrance is installed with fixed UHF band RFID reader and external high power antenna to automatically record the information of each batch of raw materials in the warehouse.
Inventory management can be through the handheld UHF band RFID reader on the item yardage position to record, inventory, easy to manage and find items.

(3) Raw materials out of storage and split thawing

Production management personnel hold bill of materials to receive a or a number of small batch of raw materials, warehouse outlet installation of fixed UHF band RFID reader and external high-power antenna, according to the set function automatically record the time, quantity and other information, upload to the enterprise production information management system.
Each small batch of raw materials out of the warehouse corresponding to the issue of a batch card, batch card for the HF band RFID tags, its unique ID corresponds to the production information management platform in the batch of raw materials batch ID, and its binding information inheritance until the warehouse outlet UHF tag information, in the follow-up link by the production management personnel with a batch card to track the status of the batch of raw materials.
In each small batch of raw materials to complete the thawing, splitting link, can be recorded through the handheld RFID terminal and uploaded to the information management system, the system will monitor whether the batch of raw materials in the specified time for the post-process marination link.

(4) Intermediate process processing link management

RFID technology in the curing tumbling, stirring and filling, smoking and cooking, cooling and packaging, secondary sterilization and other intermediate process processing links to track the application of the way in the second question and answer has been described. Each of these links with at least one fixed or handheld HF band RFID reader.
From the raw materials into the marination link into the process of processing, this process can not use RFID tags for tracking, but can be put into the raw materials by small batches, according to the batch ID of the batch of raw materials processing progress tracking. At the same time the need for each batch in different parts of the temperature, time and other quality control-related parameters to collect, record. Collection according to the different production conditions on site, can use DCS direct collection, handheld terminal collection or manual collection, collection of data uploaded to the production information management system.

(5) Factory information management and traceability

Each batch of meat products to complete the entire processing process before leaving the factory, but also need to carry out physical and chemical, microbiological and other tests, if found to have failed the test, then according to the raw material batch ID from the production information management platform for traceability.
After the factory inspection, the product can be attached to the external large package UHF band RFID tags, through the handheld UHF band reader will be the batch of products corresponding to the quality and safety information written into the tag. Large package labeling and coding specifications according to the national meat tracking management specifications, the internal small package plus stickers in line with the EAN / UCC specification bar code, in the user query library, the bar code and electronic label content associated. So that wholesalers and consumers can be identified by the RFID label or barcode scanning, retrieve the product factory date, raw material varieties, origin and other quality and safety-related information, once the problem is found can also be traced.
RFID technology is an advanced non-contact automatic identification technology, used for meat food safety traceability management because of its recognition speed, high accuracy, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of information collection in all aspects of the supply chain; tag anti-pollution, high and low temperature resistance, durability, suitable for all aspects of the meat food supply chain application environment; larger amount of information storage function, to meet the meat supply chain in all aspects of safety information record transmission Needs.

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