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RFID clothing smart store application system

As a traditional labor-intensive industry, the competition in the garment industry is becoming more and more fierce. With the development of information technology, enterprises have evolved from simple cost competition to the competition of production efficiency, logistics response chain and intelligent management of stores. In particular, clothing stores directly face the final consumers. The management efficiency and customer experience of stores will be directly related to the brand image, profit margin and competitiveness of clothing enterprises.
Compared with the application of RFID clothing smart stores, the following management bottlenecks generally exist in traditional clothing stores:
Bar code management is time-consuming and laborious
Bar code as an intelligent way, although its intelligent degree is much higher than before, it still needs to consume a lot of human and material resources.
Clothing search takes a long time
For the clothing with special requirements of customers, look for it in thousands of stores. If it is not placed according to the regulations, it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Inaccurate inventory count
When the accounts cannot be counted and the physical inventory data cannot be checked, only the inventory data can not be trusted.
Unscientific sales management
Unable to effectively explore sales opportunities, which is not conducive to data analysis, and there is a lot of room for improvement in sales management.
Poor customer experience
The fitting takes a long time, the cashier lines up, the member management is more traditional, and the customer experience is poor.
Therefore, how to cause more advanced information means and realize the application of RFID clothing smart store is the store management reform that more and more clothing brands strive to build.

Application of RFID smart store management technology

RFID is a new generation of automatic identification technology, which can work in various harsh working environments, penetrate certain obstacles and have good penetration; It can also identify moving goods and can identify them in batches; RFID tag can also erase data repeatedly, and the tag can be reused. It is the core technology in the field of Internet of things.
A typical RFID application system consists of three parts: RFID tag, which is composed of coupling elements and chips. Each tag has a unique electronic code and is attached to the object to identify the target object; RFID reader, a device that reads (and sometimes writes) tag information, can be designed as handheld or fixed; Middleware: RFID antenna (acting as the intermediary between RFID tag and application system) is the software of data inflow and outflow between application system and reader / writer.
Using the technical principles and characteristics of RFID, managing RFID tags and clothing, adding them to the specific business process of clothing stores, and deploying specific RFID reading devices will well realize the application of RFID clothing smart stores.

RFID smart store management application system

The core of the RFID clothing smart store application system is to write the important attribute information of a single piece of clothing into the RFID electronic tag, and bind the electronic tag with the clothing after the clothing is produced, so that the application system can obtain the electronic tag information through the RFID reading and writing equipment in the whole process of clothing circulation in the whole store, Achieve the purpose of RFID clothing smart store application management.

RFID smart store management application tag management

Tags are the basis of the application of the whole RFID clothing smart store. At the front end, each electronic tag needs to be encoded, and then bound with clothing to complete the identification of clothing information by electronic tags.
By using the identity uniqueness of RFID tag and pasting, embedding or implanting RFID tag on each piece of clothes, the problem of clothes unable to be identified and tracked can be completely solved during packing, so as to realize accurate packing.
RFID clothing smart store application tags are initialized, issued and printed by RFID printer. At the same time, bar code information can also be printed on the tag.

RFID smart store management application supply chain management

Deploy RFID miniaturized reading platform in the store warehouse of RFID clothing smart store application system. When the clothing arrives at the enterprise, the clothing will complete the warehousing of goods in batches without unpacking, and verify the warehousing form and warehousing data to ensure the consistency of logistics and data flow.

RFID smart store management application clothing inventory

Through RFID hand-held reader or special counting equipment, you can count the goods on the shelf and the goods in the background of the store in real time. You can generate reports by region and location, generate data in the specified format according to the actual requirements, and upload it to the management system of RFID clothing smart store application in real time or offline. The application of RFID technology greatly improves the inventory speed and liberates the staff from the tedious work. It also improves the accuracy of inventory data in RFID clothing smart stores.

RFID smart store management application smart fitting room

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A display screen integrated with RFID function is installed in the fitting room of RFID clothing smart store application, which can well display the clothing details of customers in fitting, including wearing effect, matching recommendation, etc. it can also facilitate customers’ direct interaction with clerks, change styles, styles, matching clothes, etc., and provide more humanized services.

RFID smart store management application smart shelf

For flagship products or specialized products in stores, RFID reading devices can be deployed in exhibition shelves. In the process of products being picked up by customers, provide detailed information display of products, make intelligent replenishment after products are sold, record and analyze data in the background, realize customer behavior analysis, and improve big data management of RFID clothing smart store application.

Quick search of RFID smart store management application

For each RFID clothing smart store application, finding goods will become a very simple thing from a very cumbersome, time-consuming and laborious thing, which is easy to cause the loss of prospective customers or poor consumption experience. Using RFID handheld devices in RFID clothing smart stores, you can easily and quickly find the specified clothing by locking the specified clothing information.

RFID smart store management application fast cashier

Through the fixed RFID cash register equipment, the system can efficiently and accurately collect the commodity information selected by customers, produce the sales list, greatly save the checkout time, make customers have a good shopping experience and improve the brand image.

RFID smart store management application anti theft and loss prevention

When the unpaid goods leave the store, the RFID access control equipment of RFID clothing smart store will detect the behavior in time and linkage alarm to avoid the loss of the enterprise.
RFID clothing smart store management system can help stores greatly shorten the inventory time and improve the inventory accuracy; Enhance the attraction of the store and increase the stay time of customers in the store; Grasp the potential needs of customers and make the service more accurate and accurate; Improve customer satisfaction with shopping experience, optimize inventory management, and bring significant economic and social benefits to garment enterprises.

Key technologies of RFID smart store management application

RFID clothing smart stores can involve many management processes. Different business management has different product forms. The key technology lies in the efficiency and accuracy of RFID data collection.
As the world’s leading RFID equipment manufacturer, actility’s core products have the reading speed of 750 tags per second, powerful multi tag anti-collision algorithm and high-speed information reading and processing ability, which can maximize the management efficiency of clothing stores on the premise of ensuring stability and accuracy.
At the same time, actility products have the characteristics of small volume, high protection level and suitable for harsh working environment. According to the diversified needs of RFID clothing smart stores, they can be quickly integrated into different product forms to achieve different goals.

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