O nosso trabalho com as principais empresas mundiais de retalho traz EAS profissional, ESL, RFID e análise de vídeo a retalho soluções de segurança para os retalhistas de todos os tamanhos.

Security display hook is used for display sales of big malls, chain shops, exhibition places, digital shops, etc.

It not only has wonderful display effect, but also can avoid theft & damage.

Security display hook

The product is widely seen in high-end stores and big malls to display lots of commodities like headphones, batteries, books, medicines, cosmetics, mold & die parts, bags and LED etc.
It can provide better experiences and feelings for customers, who find an easy display at a glance, with the safety of the commodities ensured.
The New design security display hook can be fixed on the slatwall.
Machine process: Precision die stamping, shaping, welding, plating
We suggest that tens pieces security display hook matching a magnetic key.
China security display hook manufacturer www.tractility.com offers security display hook.

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