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What is a stop lock?

Anti theft stop lock is mainly used for anti-theft, display and sorting of goods in supermarkets and other large shopping places. It is generally used with security display hook to ensure the safety of goods without affecting the beauty of goods and customers’ shopping experience.

Advantages of stop lock

  • 1. It is used to display mobile phone accessories and other items. The items are directly installed on the hook until they are anti-theft. It is usually used in the open shelf display shop, which can be used together with the hook. It not only has good open shelf display effect, but also plays the role of anti-theft, and will not bring a sense of restraint or discomfort to the guests. The guests have no sense of urgency when they go to the store, So as to achieve a comfortable experience environment. The appearance design is fashionable and generous. It is also the first choice to improve the grade of the store. When the grade of the store is improved, the sales volume and price are naturally improved.
  • 2. The product is widely used in anti-theft installation of various consumer electronic product stores, product exhibitions, product (sample) Exhibition cabinets of expositions, product cabinets of electronic digital shopping malls, mobile phone counters, etc., and can effectively protect all kinds of digital products and electronic gifts, such as mobile phones, digital products, major supermarket stores, etc!
  • 3. Cost reduction: a large number of exhibits are put in, and the number of promotion personnel is reduced, which reduces the cost for the enterprise in many aspects.
  • 4. Improve performance: marketing is upgraded from traditional “narrative” to innovative “experiential”, and from clerk’s “recommendation” to customer’s “independent choice”. Consumers can easily and quickly choose products and services, which makes it convenient for consumers to improve enterprise performance at the same time. With mobile phone anti-theft device, mobile phone anti-theft display rack and digital product anti-theft device, it can achieve the role of unattended sales.

Anti theft principle of stop lock

The anti-theft stop lock is used to fix the front end of the commodity hook and play the role of lock, so that the commodity can not be removed from the hook. The anti-theft stop lock uses the concealed buckle principle. The metal concealed buckle is set inside the anti-theft stop lock, which cannot be opened from the surface. Only a special strong magnetic unlocking device can be used to open the concealed buckle from the bottom of the padlock with magnetic force.

Purpose of stop lock

The anti-theft stop lock is mainly applicable to mobile phone supermarkets, digital hypermarkets and other places to display some valuable accessories (such as digital accessories, mouse, Bluetooth, ink, memory card, headset, battery, picture, medicine, cosmetics, etc.), beautiful and fashionable.
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