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What is a RF soft label?

Radio frequency soft label can be regarded as the electronic version of bar code. Its working principle is radio principle. It obtains the number information in the RF soft label chip through the carrier wave and modulation of electromagnetic wave. The working frequency of RFID label is 8.2MHz and the detection distance is 0.8-1.2m. It is cheap and reliable and suitable for all kinds of commodities. Radio frequency anti-theft soft labels and electronic labels adopt radio frequency anti-theft technology, which has the advanlabeles of fast operation, high efficiency, safety and effectiveness and good anti-theft performance.

RF soft label

Application of RF soft label

When customers buy products, after normal payment at the cashier, the cashier can demagnetize with a deactivator. If they do not pay or steal, when they pass through the anti-theft device, the anti-theft device will sense with the label, which will trigger an alarm signal in time, so as to achieve the purpose of alarm. This label cannot be reused.

demagnetize with a deactivator

It is applicable to all open shelf sales stores, such as clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, cosmetics stores, etc.

Characteristics of RF soft label

  • 1. RF soft label cannot be directly pasted on metal or foil products.
  • 2. RF soft labels shall not overlap (more than two).
  • 3. The pasting position of the label shall be as flat as possible. The bonded surface should be as small as possible and cannot be folded. Not less than 120 degrees.
  • 4. RFID labels are generally more durable and will not be affected by the environment. They can withstand high temperature, water, acid and alkali and other harsh environments.
  • 5. The RF soft label has a large amount of data storage. Compared with the traditional label, it has a larger capacity (1-1024bit), and the data can be updated at any time.
  • 6. Unlike bar code, RFID label’s unique identifier cannot be copied, especially its special number. The contents of the label can be read and written repeatedly.

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