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What is an acoustic magnetic soft label?

The acoustic magnetic soft label is the most sensitive anti-theft soft label used with the acoustic magnetic system. It has the outstanding advantages of anti metal shielding, ultra wide monitoring broadband, almost zero false alarm and so on.
Dr anti-theft label is a non reusable anti-theft label, which loses its function after degaussing. It is mainly pasted on small and easy to steal goods in shopping malls. Special acoustic magnetic anti-theft label degausser and degaussing plate shall be used for degaussing.
In order to prevent someone from illegally tearing off the label, the label is particularly sticky. If the label is forcibly removed, the surface of the product will be damaged. Therefore, this should be considered in advance when pasting labels on gifts, leather products, books and other commodities.
The structure of the acoustic magnetic soft label is composed of two or three wafers. The bending, contact and degaussing of the metal sheet will make the soft label inactive, resulting in non detection. The following points must be noted during use:
Precautions for transportation and storage:

  • 1. Antimagnetism shall be done during transportation. It is best to wrap it with metal film and avoid extrusion.
  • 2. The storage time should not be too long, and the label will be slowly and naturally demagnetized during storage.
  • 3. The following positions shall be avoided for the storage of soft labels: next to strong power supply, next to large electrical appliances at work, and next to other magnetic objects to avoid demagnetization. Special reminder: the sound has a magnet, which will degausse the label whether it is working or not; In addition, there are magnets inside the cash register and degausser to avoid mixed storage of soft labels.

Precautions during use:

  • 1. The soft label shall be pasted on the goods with flat and dry surface without direction requirements.
  • 2. The soft label shall not be pasted on the motor, transformer, speaker of constant magnet horn and other equipment to prevent the alternating magnetic field from dissipating the magnetism of the label.
  • 3. Keep the label straight, do not fold! Folding will cause wafer contact or damage, resulting in label failure.
  • 4. Do not use force when pasting. Excessive force will also cause wafer contact or damage, resulting in failure.
  • 5. Do not stick the soft label on the place where the commodity is printed with important instructions, such as commodity composition, use method, warning statement, size, bar code, production date, etc.

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