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What is an animal RFID tag?

It is a marker made by special packaging process using radio frequency and micro power integrated circuit technology. This marker can be implanted into animals, swallowed into the stomach, or hung in ears and legs; Through animal identification ID number and collaborative management of background database, information about animal birth, feeding, quarantine, veterinary medicine, nutrition and other information can be written and read. It is not only easy to manage uniformly, but also effectively manage traceability data and prevent infectious diseases of animal groups. Through the implementation of animal identification, individual animals can be marked, relevant feeding, slaughtering and processing places can be registered, and relevant information of animal feeding, transportation, slaughtering and processing, storage, transportation and sales of animal products can be recorded, so as to realize the control of animal feeding, production, processing and Effectively track and trace the source of possible problems in different links such as sales, and solve them in time.

RFID technology is a kind of radio frequency identification technology (Radio Frequency Identification), through the wireless radio frequency way for non-contact automatic identification target and collect target data information. Two-way communication, no need to contact, can identify the high-speed movement of the target object; RFID is equipped with password protection, not easy to be forged, high security; RFID can cope with the harsh environment, with high temperature, water and oil resistance; FRID data storage capacity, with read and write function, convenient application, wide range, can be well applied to the livestock industry.

RFID technology in the livestock industry

Real-time monitoring and information collection

RFID-based technology provides convenient conditions for farms, with RFID tags of livestock passing through the reader, the reader will automatically identify the target’s information and upload to the control center, in sent to the user side, the user can monitor the information of livestock in real time, according to the data information of animal RFID tags for reasonable breeding, to ensure healthy growth of livestock and promote the quality and efficiency of livestock products.

RFID electronic ear tag

RFID electronic ear tag

Breeding monitoring management of livestock

The selection and breeding of livestock can be screened by the information stored in the RFID electronic tag, and the livestock carrying bad genetic information recorded in the animal RFID tag is removed from the alternative list to improve the quality of the breed. Through the daily water consumption and food intake of livestock recorded by animal RFID tags, the dietary condition of livestock can be strictly controlled to ensure that livestock have good health.

Livestock control and epidemic prevention management

RFID technology identifies the target by radio frequency and has a unique identification, which records the details of the livestock, such as whether they are sick, what drugs are used to treat them, when the area where the livestock are sick is disinfected and so on. If there is a sick condition, the RFID electronic tag can quickly find and locate the target, and contact the veterinarian for medical treatment and epidemic prevention.

Livestock product quality traceability management

Product traceability requires that from the breeding of products to the table, each step has the information that can be inquired. Through RFID technology, electronic tags are used to record and store breeding and feeding information, epidemic prevention and testing information, drug residue information, slaughter information, market supply information, etc. to establish a set of perfect traceability information management system to ensure the traceability of products in the supply chain, find out the causes and root causes of problems, recall or destroy the problematic products sold to ensure food safety and reduce the read Consumer harm factor. 5.

Animal intelligent inventory counting

RDIF technology can identify high-speed moving targets without contact, no screen barriers to read. Wearing animal RFID tags of the target by the reader, the tag and the reader for wireless communication, fast and accurate recording of the number of target objects to enhance efficiency and reduce human error.

Animal intelligent weighing

animal RFID tags with global uniqueness, wearing animal RFID tags livestock will have a unique identity. When the reader on the intelligent weighing machine senses the animal RFID tag worn by the livestock, the reader will record the identity information and weight information of the target livestock, upload to the control center and display the important information of the target on the visual screen. RFID technology does not require contact, which enhances the work efficiency; reduces the manual intervention link and human errors.

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