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What is a video passenger counter?

Video passenger counter is a passenger flow counter, which can count passenger flow more accurately. Video machines are generally installed on both sides of the mall entrance.

video passenger counter

The video passenger counter uses a unique head detection algorithm and video analysis to distinguish the target application direction of moving targets (human head and shoulder) in the moving area, so as to realize accurate passenger flow statistics. It is a technology integrating video processing, image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and other fields. It completely subverts the data analysis means of artificial statistics or other traditional methods of retail enterprises, and adopts network video access for passenger flow data statistics, which is more in line with the trend of future business development needs. The function of passenger flow counter is to improve the operation and management of public places such as retail industry and Cultural Park, and control the passenger flow information in different regions anytime and anywhere, so as to provide scientific basis for the scientificity of daily business decision-making, the comfort of shopping and leisure environment, and the rationality of human resource allocation.
According to the high accuracy of the data counted by the passenger flow counter, the mall realizes the scientific analysis of the data, so as to reasonably arrange and add staff, timely carry out promotional activities, understand the changes of passenger flow in different periods, and can be popularized.

Types of video traffic counters

  • a. 2D passenger flow counter: it uses single camera recognition technology to identify and judge the number of people by obtaining the characteristic (shoulder width + head) information of individuals in the moving area. It is commonly used in individual merchants, chain stores and other shops. Advantages: low price and easy installation. Disadvantages: a small amount of error is generated for individual motion recognition speed and fast passing individuals.
  • b. 3D passenger flow counter: two cameras are used to obtain two different images for comparative analysis of shoulder width, height and head information in the moving area. Multi dimensional analysis of moving objects greatly improves the accuracy of recognition. It is commonly used in scenic spots, shopping malls, stations, squares and other crowded areas. Advantages: higher recognition rate, more reliable and accurate object counting for moving individuals. Disadvantages: the equipment cost is slightly higher than that of single passenger flow statistics.
  • c. Face passenger flow counter: using face recognition technology, upload the face pictures captured by the front-end camera to the cloud for image processing and face analysis, and obtain the age, gender, level and other information of passenger flow. It is commonly used for member recognition, member statistics, repeat customer statistics, etc. Advantages: enrich the passenger flow data report to achieve real passenger flow big data analysis. Disadvantages: the opening and use of member data and passenger flow data has greatly increased the cost pressure.

Application of video traffic counter

The video pedestrian flow counter is suitable for installation at the gate of the mall and the entrance of the channel area of each floor. Because it is an indoor scene, there are many areas that can be selected for installation. Unlike the outdoor environment, there is no installation space, so it can only be installed by upright pole; It is not like vehicle passenger flow, which needs to be installed and used obliquely. The passenger flow statistics equipment installed indoors is to ensure accurate statistics of incoming and outgoing passenger flow, so it needs to be installed vertically at the top, and the vertical downward lens of the camera of the passenger flow counter can not shine on the door frame, otherwise the passenger flow counter will produce errors.
Choose to use actility intelligent video passenger flow statistics system, which can not only count the number of consumer customers entering and leaving the mall in real time, but also count and analyze the passenger flow data every hour, every day, every week, every month and even every year. Therefore, if you want to count the average daily pedestrian flow of the mall, you only need to check the historical data in the passenger flow statistics system and query the total number and days of pedestrian flow of the mall.
For the big data of shopping malls and shopping centers, we should start with the most basic passenger flow data. Weather and holidays are non-human factors that affect the passenger flow of shopping malls, sometimes leading to large errors in passenger flow statistics. Therefore, more reliable and accurate passenger flow data statisticians and systems must be used for passenger flow statistics and analysis. In the background of the passenger flow statistics system, use the historical passenger flow statistics to analyze the daily, weekly, monthly and annual passenger flow, and analyze the passenger flow growth and actual growth rate in the same period; At the same time, shopping malls use face recognition technology to analyze the age, gender, race and other information of their customers, so as to find the customer group; Use passenger flow data and sales data to evaluate the effect of operation planning; Mining the passenger flow data from some sales data and analyzing the customer purchase level to locate the market.
The intelligent video analysis technology is used for statistical analysis of customer access, and the customer situation in each area is remotely monitored and analyzed. The following points should be achieved:

  • 1. Install a passenger flow statistics camera in each area, use the camera lens to collect videos, and calculate the number of people in and out by setting the area and direction.
  • 2. System background data statistics, personnel in specific areas use hot zone analysis: the darker the color, the longer the personnel stay, alarm prompt, personnel attention and special reception.
  • 3. Using the intrusion detection function of intelligent video analysis, we can detect the intrusion in the restricted area, and carry out real-time detection and active early warning at the same time, so as to save manpower and greatly improve the operation level. When the area is closed, we can carry out intrusion detection to provide further security protection for relevant areas.
  • 4. Use the detection function of intelligent video analysis to detect the safety protection of important facilities, and actively issue a warning when the facilities are relocated.

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