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What is a people counting camera?

Camera is a machine that converts optical image signals into electrical signals for storage or transmission.
The people counting camera adopts the leading binocular stereo vision technology and stereo camera based on double lens to obtain the depth information of the target. Combined with the intelligent tracking algorithm, it analyzes the pedestrian behavior trajectory, processes the counting area in blocks, calculates the direction and number of people on the boundary line of each block, and realizes the effect of high-precision passenger flow statistics.
When we shoot an object, the light reflected on the object is collected by the camera lens to focus on the light receiving surface of the camera device, and then the light is transformed into electric energy through the camera device, that is, we get the “video signal”. Some buses install cameras to record the pedestrians getting on and off the bus, and then count the passenger flow passing through the camera in real time through the on-board equipment, Therefore, the camera is an important part of the people counting system.
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