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As a main means of transportation for urban transportation, bus gives full play to its characteristics of large capacity and low energy consumption.

The development of bus based public transport is not only the need of public travel, but also the need of building a low-carbon city.

What is the bus passenger counter?

What is the bus passenger counter?

The bus passenger counter can record the number of passengers getting on and off the bus at each station through the network connection. Manual statistics are no longer required to calculate the passenger flow. The bus with passenger flow counter can be calculated in real time. In the future, big data such as bus passenger flow statistics will be faster and more accurate.
What the bus passenger counter needs to do is to use machines instead of manpower to realize the statistics of the number of people at each bus stop and each line.
Through the collection and analysis of bus passenger flow, the bus passenger flow statistics system can count the passenger flow of each time period, each bus and each station.
These flow data are directly related to the scheduling of public transport, so as to give greater play to the transport capacity of public transport, improve the sharing rate of public transport, and make more full use of public resources.
At the same time, the bus passenger flow data is also the quantitative basis for optimizing bus lines and formulating bus financial subsidies.

Implementation of passenger flow statistics

Based on robot vision technology, the human head and shoulders are obtained through a high-precision camera from a vertical downward perspective.
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