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What is a people counter?

People counter is a machine and equipment used to count passenger flow. It is generally installed on both sides of the channel, such as the door of shopping malls, supermarkets and chain stores. It is specially used to count the number of people passing through a channel.

Design principle of people counter

The people counter generally adopts infrared radiation technology. The machine distributes the radiation source and receiving source. They are installed on both sides of the door respectively. When someone passes by, the infrared will be blocked. At this time, one person time can be counted, and so on. It can count how many people pass by every day, so as to achieve the principle of counting the number of people. The data generated by the general counter will be stored in the internal chip, and then the CPU will determine how many people go in and out. The generated data can be transmitted to the computer through the data line, and then analyzed by the software installed in the computer for managers to analyze, so as to generate business value. After years of development, we have produced a wireless counter. All data is transmitted completely through wireless, which saves the trouble of on-site wiring and does not need any later maintenance

Function of people counter

How to improve the operation and management of retail, culture and entertainment and other public places, the accurate analysis and statistics of passenger flow information will inevitably become the primary entrance for each operation manager. The system can control the passenger flow information of different regions anytime and anywhere, so as to provide a scientific basis for the scientificity of daily business decision-making, the comfort of shopping and leisure environment, and the rationality of human resource allocation.

Applicable scope of people counter

The people counter is mainly applicable to retail, sports, entertainment, stations and other public places.

  • Retail places: shopping malls, stores, chain stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and other retail places.
  • Cultural and sports places: museums, parks, exhibition halls, libraries, scenic spots and other cultural and leisure places.
  • Entertainment places: bars, parks, cinemas, Internet cafes and other entertainment places.
  • Public places: hospitals, airports, railway stations, passenger terminals and other public places.

Main significance of people counter

Today’s business information is changing. How to respond quickly and accurately to the weak changes in the market in the shortest time, and save the business operation cost to the greatest extent, so as to achieve efficient business operation management has become the core element of the success or failure of business operation.
Prevent unnecessary accidents caused by excessive passenger flow, and establish safe public places.
Collect passenger flow information in real time to provide scientific basis for operation management.
By counting the passenger flow at each entrance and exit and the direction of passenger flow in and out, the rationality of the setting of each entrance and exit can be accurately judged.
Through the statistics of passenger flow in each main region, it provides a scientific basis for the rational distribution of the whole region.
Through passenger flow statistics, we can objectively determine the rent level of counters and shops.
According to the change of passenger flow, special periods and special areas can be accurately judged, so as to provide a scientific basis for more effective property management and reasonable dispatching of passenger flow such as business and maintenance security, so as to avoid unnecessary property losses.
According to the passenger flow stranded in the region, the power, human and other resources can be reasonably adjusted to control the commercial operation cost.
By comparing the passenger flow in different periods, we can scientifically evaluate the rationality of marketing, promotion and other operation strategies.
Through the passenger flow purchase rate, we can scientifically judge the service level of the salesperson and stimulate the enthusiasm of the salesperson.
Through passenger flow statistics, the average consumption capacity of passenger flow population is scientifically calculated to provide a scientific basis for product positioning.
Through passenger flow statistics, it provides a scientific basis for evaluating and optimizing advertising and promotion budget.
According to the passenger flow, the use of funds returned to customers can be scientifically determined.
Through the statistics of passenger flow, we can accurately judge the business hours, etc.
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