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What is a milk can tag?

The milk can tag is a kind of anti-theft hard tag, which is composed of coil, magnetic rod and lock cylinder. It is used on milk powder can. Pay attention to that the length of steel wire rope of the anti-theft buckle should match with that of milk powder can. If the mother and baby store needs anti-theft, it should not only use anti-theft buckle, but also match with anti-theft door and decoder.
EAS electronic anti-theft tags solve the problem of anti-theft for more and more mother and baby stores. Milk powder is a high-priced commodity, and theft will cause serious losses to retailers.
How to guard against theft? This problem is difficult for many supermarket staff, because there are many kinds of goods in supermarkets, so now they also use scientific and technological means for anti-theft treatment, such as using supermarket anti-theft devices, and then taging the goods to achieve the purpose of anti-theft, but how can milk powder cans be anti-theft?
The use of hard tags for anti-theft of milk powder can not be realized, because there is no way to install anti-theft hard tags on milk powder cans, so we can only use other tags. Therefore, many supermarket staff use soft tags for anti-theft, but this anti-theft strategy is unreasonable and the effect is not very good. Because milk powder is a relatively valuable commodity, some criminals may destroy the anti-theft tags after understanding the anti-theft equipment in the supermarket, which will not work. Therefore, the best way is to use professional anti-theft buttons, Referred to as milk powder anti-theft buckle, retailers in the mother and baby store industry no longer worry about anti-theft. The tag can be fixed on the milk powder can and can only be removed by using a professional anti-theft unlocking device.
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