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What is a ink tag?

Ink tag is a tag with dual anti-theft function. Because of its functionality and convenience, it is deeply loved by foreign customers. Now most clothing stores, supermarkets and stores use this ink anti-theft tag.

  1. From the name, we can know that this product is different. It is composed of several tubes of colored ink and anti-theft buckle. If someone forcibly opens the anti-theft buckle, the ink inside will overflow, dye the clothes and cannot be cleaned. Even if the product is stolen, it will not be used..
  2. There are two kinds of ink tags, one is ink anti-theft buckle, and the other is ink anti-theft nail. Ink anti-theft buckle includes anti-theft buckle and nail. The ink nail is equipped with an ink pipe on the nail, which can be used with other anti-theft buckles.
  3. The working principle of ink tags is the same as that of common anti-theft tags. There are two frequencies, acoustic magnetic 58KHz and RFID 8.2MHz, which can be selected independently according to the frequency of anti-theft door.

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