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What is a AM hard tag?

Acousto magnetic (58khz) hard tag, also known as acousto magnetic anti-theft buckle, can be reused. The detection distance is wide. According to the label size and frequency, the distance can be up to 3m. The internal material is mainly coil and magnetic rod.
The acoustic magnetic hard tag is a plastic shell, which is equipped with a magnetic rod and a lock cylinder. The acoustic magnetic hard tag can be reused. Supermarket anti-theft is often used in slippers, towels, umbrellas and other goods. It is recommended that 2000-10000 small supermarkets should be used for hard tags, which can be reused for many years. AM hard tags are usually used with nails or steel wire ropes. Products that are inconvenient to pierce can be used with steel wire ropes.
China AM hard tag manufacturer www.tractility.com offers acousto magnetic hard tag.

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