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What is a handheld detector?

The handheld detector uses the principle of electromagnetic induction and the coil with alternating current to produce a rapidly changing magnetic field. There are three main categories: electromagnetic induction type, X-ray detection type and microwave detection type. They are electronic instruments for detecting metals and can be used in many fields.
In military affairs, metal detectors can be used to detect metal mines; In the field of security, it can detect portable or hidden weapons and crime tools; In archaeology, we can explore ancient tombs where metal objects are buried and find gold and silver treasures, jewelry or other metal products in ancient tombs; In engineering, it can be used to detect underground metal buried objects, such as pipelines, pipelines, etc; In mineral exploration, it can be used to detect and discover natural gold particles; In industry, it can be used for on-line monitoring, such as removing metal sundries in cotton, coal and food.

Classification of detectors

Underground metal detector

Underground metal detector is made with advanced technology. It has the characteristics of wide detection, accurate positioning, strong resolution and simple operation. Metal detector is mainly used to detect and identify buried metal objects. In addition to military applications, it is also widely used in safety inspection, archaeology, prospecting and looking for waste metals. Also known as “iron detector”, it is a good helper for waste recycling

Handheld metal detector

Hand held metal detectors are designed to detect metal objects carried by people or objects. It can detect weapons, explosives or small metal objects carried by people or in parcels, luggage, letters, fabrics, etc. The special appearance of its sensitive surface makes it easy to operate. It is superior to ring sensor hand detection. Ultra high sensitivity, special application. Such as prison, chip factory, archaeological research hospital, etc.

EAS handheld detector

EAS handheld detector come with antennas that work towards detecting theft and set off an alarm to notify staff of the need to take necessary steps. The EAS handheld tester come with heightened sensibility and are very consistent, and also come with a stable range for theft or loss detection. 

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