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(ESL) Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic shelf label (ESL) is an electronic display device placed on the shelf and can replace the traditional paper price label. Each electronic shelf label is connected with the mall computer database through the network, and displays the latest commodity price and other information through the screen on the electronic shelf label. In fact, the electronic shelf label successfully incorporated the shelf into the computer program, got rid of the situation of manually replacing the price label, and realized the price consistency between the cashier and the shelf.
A complete set of electronic shelf label system consists of host computer PC, EPD screen, electronic label, electronic shelf label and intelligent handheld terminal equipment. Firstly, the commodity information in the database is encoded by the host computer through the application software of the electronic shelf label system, and then the price and other information to be updated are transmitted to the exciter through Ethernet (or serial communication port); The exciter drives the ring antenna to send the RFID radio signal containing commodity data information to the whole store (the ring antenna here is usually arranged on the ceiling of the store, surrounding the whole store building, limiting the coverage of the RFID radio signal to a specific enclosed space); The electronic shelf label is a wireless data receiver with identification code, which can restore the received RFID signal into an effective digital signal and display it. The electronic shelf label system has two communication functions: point-to-point and group sending, that is, the host computer can not only transmit data to a specified label, but also control all labels at one time. Each electronic shelf label stores multiple pieces of information of corresponding commodities, and the salesperson can easily query and check with the help of intelligent handheld terminal equipment.

The shelf label is placed in a special PVC guide rail (the guide rail is fixed on the shelf), and can also be set in a variety of suspended or vertical structures. The electronic shelf label system also supports remote control, and the headquarters can manage the unified price of goods in its chain division through the network.

In order to ensure that the prices displayed on store shelves are always accurate or to start promotional activities immediately, electronic shelf labels (ESL) are widely used in department stores. ESL can receive information in a variety of ways, including indoor infrared, Bluetooth low power (BLE) or other proprietary wireless connection technologies. ESL is based on LCD or e-ink display technology, and battery life is the key factor (up to 10 years). ESL can also include an NFC interface to support customer interaction, parameter configuration and firmware upload.

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