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What is a detacher?

The hard tag is used together with the anti-theft device at the checkout outlet of the supermarket. There is a magnetic coil inside the hard tag, which is based on the principle of LC oscillator. When the hard tag enters the anti-theft device protection area, the anti-theft device starts to alarm after sensing magnetism.
In the supermarket, the cashier has special tools to open the hard tag. The cashier will use a special powerful magnet, commonly known as the detacher. The strong magnet can be unlocked only by placing it on the hard tag.

Structure of hard tag

Inside the electronic tag is a special LC oscillation circuit, including hard tag and soft label. The hard tag hanging on the clothes is a hard tag. The goods are fastened with a special structure and can be opened only with a special unlocking device. The hard tag is composed of nails, iron beads, iron rings and springs. If there is no unlocking device, the nails buckled on the clothes cannot be pulled out. The more you pull, the more tightly the iron beads are stuck on the nails. The unloader is actually a powerful magnet. It will suck up the iron beads so that the iron nails can be pulled out.

Principle of hard tag

Lock principle: there are two pairs of small grooves on the nail rod. When the nail is inserted from the bottom of the hard tag, several small steel balls in the buckle will slide to the groove on the nail; And the iron rings on the steel balls firmly clamp them in the groove under the pressure of the top spring. In this way, if you want to pull the nail out of the bottom again, ordinary brute force can’t do it.

Introduction to unlocking process of detacher

Introduction to unlocking process of detacher

The steel ball and iron ring inside the hard tag compress the spring upward after being attracted by a strong magnet. At this time, the inner steel ball has been removed from the groove of the steel ball, so it can be easily taken out.

unlocking process of detacher

How is the hard tag anti-theft?

How does the hard tag realize the anti-theft function? In fact, it has an induction coil inside, and our common supermarkets, clothing stores and other places will have an anti-theft induction door. This gate can transmit and receive radio waves of a specific frequency.

When the hard tag is in the middle of the door, its internal coil will induce the corresponding signal, and this signal will be received by the anti-theft door, and an audible alarm will be sent out in time. This alarm system is called EAS system.
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