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Wine bottle tag: also known as wine bottle anti-theft buckle, it is mainly used for the maintenance of high-grade wine products, beverages and bottled valuable products. The rope ring with shape similar to the mouth of wine bottle is elastic. It can be opened with special equipment at the cashier and can be reused.

bottle tag

The tag of the bottle is made of high strength engineering plastics, combined with special anti-theft coil, which is durable and has high sensitivity. It is designed for a variety of Baijiu, red wine and other alcoholic products. The anti-theft buckle has good performance and sensitive induction. Super anti-destructive ability, widely used in department stores, supermarkets and other related wine bottles.
Wine bottle anti-theft buckle is an anti-theft tag for bottled wine, which is mainly used for anti-theft drinks of medium and high-grade bottled wine in self selected shopping malls. The wine bottle anti-theft buckle locks the transparent cup at the bottle mouth through the locking mechanism, and uses the transparent cup to completely cover the bottle mouth to prevent customers from opening and drinking in the mall. At the same time, an alarm coil is set in the wine bottle anti-theft buckle, which can trigger the alarm when customers take the wine out without authorization, which greatly facilitates the management of the mall.
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