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With the increasing popularity of Chinese clothing chain stores and optional supermarkets, the phenomenon of commodity loss is becoming more and more serious. How to prevent goods from being stolen and protect the safety of shopping malls has attracted more and more attention of retailers. The electronic anti-theft system (EAS) of shopping center has changed the traditional people and management methods, mainly based on technical defense. Because it can effectively prevent the loss of goods and improve economic benefits, it has been gradually recognized and accepted by the majority of businesses and the Chinese market. The commodity anti-theft system is becoming more and more common.
Today, we are familiar with common hard tags and soft labels, because we can see them anywhere in supermarkets and clothing stores. They are attached to clothes and items for daily use. But for larger objects, how to protect them? Today, Anke will recommend a new special tagspider wrap.

What is a spider wrap?

First of all, Anke will give you a brief introduction to the spider tag. The appearance of the spider tag is a hard tag, which is completely different from other ordinary hard tags. The shape of the spider tag is usually circular. spider wrap, there are four anti-theft ropes that can be extended. The length of the four anti-theft ropes can be adjusted to 3 meters, 6 meters and 8 meters. The customization time is longer, so it can be used to steal very large items.

What is a spider wrap

There are two types of frequencies, one is am type – 58khz, the other is RFID type – 8.2MHz, which are suitable for the same type of EAS system. Customers can customize their favorite colors. Black and white are common. From the perspective of alarm methods, they can be divided into three types: one is alarm, one is double alarm, and the other is three-level alarm. One kind of alarm is antenna alarm. Double alarm means that if someone picks up the goods without paying and does not remove the additional spider tag, when they pass through the antenna, the antenna will alarm, and the spider tag itself will alarm, so the spider tag is also called self sounding label; If someone cuts off the safety line, it will also alarm.
Secondly, Anke will introduce the performance characteristics of spider tag, which is made of high-strength ABS engineering plastic and combined with special anti-theft coil. Therefore, it is durable, high sensitivity and long service life. It can be widely used in department stores and other related products. Fashionable and generous, humanized design; With long battery life and high DB alarm, it can effectively remind the clerk, and then fully protect the goods in the store.
Generally, there are few spider labels, because the cost is much higher than ordinary labels. Therefore, spider labels are generally used in very expensive electronic products or other high-priced products with large packaging.

How to Use a Spider Wrap?

  • 1. Use spider wrap, open it and release the protective wire in the direction indicated by the arrow.
  • 2. Put the articles into the net bag and make the protective line evenly distributed on both sides of the product.
  • 3. Tighten the protective wire to fit the goods, but not too tight, and then press the switch to start the label;
  • 4. Open the label by removing the spider bag, close to the remover suspension switch, and the label stops working (if the rope must be broken, it will trigger an alarm).
  • 5. After installation, the goods shall be placed in a correct way to avoid damage to the goods. Then achieve the good effect of protecting the goods.

Precautions when using spider wrap:

  • 1. Do not stick the label around the anti-theft detection antenna (EAS system) during use, so as not to cause the detection antenna alarm.
  • 2. The spider wrap shall be stored in a dry and ventilated manner to avoid moisture.
  • 3. Pay attention to the strength when installing the label to avoid pinching the goods.

After learning how to use spider wrap, performance characteristics and instructions for precautions, we have some understanding of it. So now do you know which products are suitable for spider wraps? There may be some high-end wine and red wine in gift boxes in your store. You need to show your package to your customers. If it is stolen and the loss is very heavy, you can choose the spider wrap at this time; For some expensive gift boxes or some slightly larger packages that need to be displayed to customers, it is also suitable for larger boxed products, large items, anti-theft packaging cartons in warehouses and supermarket stores. These products are suitable for using spider wraps.
Through the above introduction, we can understand that it is very necessary to use spider wrap, but the price of spider wrap is much more expensive than ordinary label. Therefore, they are usually used for high-priced electronic products or other high-end products. If you want to protect your goods in the store or warehouse, if you have enough budget for store security, and if you want to avoid self-help theft of your store or warehouse, please consider the spider wrap.

The emergence of spider wrap makes the anti-theft level of EAS enter a higher level. In addition to the anti-theft alarm function with ordinary hard tags, it also has its own line breaking self alarm function. It can quickly attract the attention of shop assistants, so as to reduce the probability of theft, and wrap it with rope to avoid damaging the product.

How do you loosen spider wraps?

Pull the male end completely out of the buckle and set it aside for now. Remove the product from the spider wrap. Once the male end is removed, the wires will loosen. You should be able to easily slip the product out of the spider wrap.

How do I remove a spider wrap?

Spider wraps require a magnet, I would recommend a golf detacher to be safe. Cutting the wires will trigger an alarm, either silent or aloud. But a magnet is how an employee would remove them so that’s how they’re designed to unlock. But for the big spider wraps, stick the teeth in the holes. The flat magnet part needs to be on the majority of the back of the spider wrap. Then, it is basically pointing where you need to push. So you push in at the front of the magnet, and then it will pop out.
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