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There are many kinds of anti-theft hard tags, including buckle tags, bottle tags, tank tags, rope tags, anti-theft protection boxes, etc. among them, rope tags are divided into self alarm tags and non self alarm tags. Moreover, among many anti-theft hard tags, self alarm tags are often understood by few people.
As one of the rope tags, the self alarm tag often carries a rope. Its classification is generally divided into two types, one is the electronic self alarm tag, and the other is the spider self alarm tag.
First, the appearance of electronic self proclaimed tag is a hard tag that is very similar to that of other ordinary hard tags, but its appearance is larger than that of ordinary hard tags. What’s more, it is different from ordinary hard tags in that it has dual anti-theft alarm function. The dual anti-theft alarm function is, first of all, the self alarm tag itself has magnetism and alarm frequency. Once it is close to the anti-theft alarm door, the door will alarm. The function of this point is the same as other ordinary hard tags. Secondly, the interior of the anti-theft self alarm tag also has the function of broken wire (pull nail alarm). The self alarm tag is equipped with button battery and mini alarm. Therefore, once the anti-theft rope is cut or pulled, the self alarm tag will alarm automatically. It will alarm immediately without being near the anti-theft antenna. The anti-theft function is very effective. However, because the price is more expensive than ordinary hard tags, it is generally used for anti-theft of products with high prices.
Second, the appearance of the spider self alarm tag is a hard tag completely different from that of other ordinary hard tags. It is a large round self alarm tag. It is called the spider tag because it has four extendable anti-theft ropes. The length of the four anti-theft ropes can be adjusted, and can reach 3M, 6m, 8m and longer, So it can be used to guard against theft of very large items. Most importantly, the anti-theft function of the spider’s self alarm tag is also particularly strong. It has the functions of one, two and three anti-theft. The first is the antenna alarm, the second is the disconnection alarm and antenna alarm, and the third is the disconnection alarm, antenna alarm and self alarm. Also because the price of spider’s self Ming tag is much more expensive than ordinary hard tags, spider’s self Ming anti-theft tag is generally used in very expensive electronic products or other high-grade products with large packaging.
The appearance of the self-alarming hard tag makes the anti-theft level of EAS a good level higher. In addition to the anti-theft alarm function of ordinary hard tags, it also has its own line breaking self ringing function, which can quickly attract the attention of shop assistants, so as to reduce the theft rate, and the tag with rope can also avoid damaging clothes.
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