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LF RFID Wristband Tag WTEM4305

China RFID wristband tag manufacturer www.tractility.com offers LF RFID Wristband Tag WTEM4305.

Type: Watch Tag


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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Dimension: Ø30*30*9mm(tag)/ 25*3.5cm(watch band)
Brand Name: Actility / RHT Color: Black/Gray/White or Customized
Model Number: WTEM4305 Packing: 10X12X3 cm
Frequency: 125 KHz Function: Anti Lost/ Locator Tracking

Packaging & Delivery

  • Selling Units: Single item
  • Single package size: 10X12X3 cm

Quantity(Pieces) 1 – 50000 >50000
Est. Time(days) 10 To be negotiated

Products Description

What is a RFID wristband

RFID wristband is a convenient and durable wear in the wrist above the intelligent radio frequency shaped card varieties, specifically refers to the recognition wristband embedded with RFID radio frequency identification chip. Wristband electronic tag selection of environmentally friendly silicone material, comfortable to wear, and beautiful appearance, decorative; can be divided into disposable wristbands and reusable wristbands.
RFID wristband working principle: radio frequency identification RFID (RadioFrequencyIdentification) technology, also known as wireless radio frequency identification, is a communication technology that can identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals, without the need to establish mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and the specific target.

How RFID wristbands work

Similar to barcode scanning, RFID wristband tags have a set of systems for use. RFID wristband tags with identification information written on them are read by RFID readers without contact, and the contents are displayed on the readers. And system connection, can also carry out more demand work. Such as product access control, access control.

Advantages RFID wristband tags

Ambient temperature -40 ℃ – +85 ℃ can be completely normal operation (MTBF ≥ 70,000 hours), especially in the northern low temperature and the southern high temperature state more obvious advantages, can effectively resist the harsh environment in the air under high dust and humidity and other environments, can ensure the normal use of equipment. High anti-interference, no special requirements for the perimeter environment, strong environmental adaptability.
Long service life, low average cost, maintenance-free, and safe and healthy for human body, no electromagnetic radiation pollution, safer to use. Configurable microwave module working mode, adjustable transmit power.
System implementation benefits to strengthen prison law enforcement, to maintain the dignity of the law. Improve the management level of prisons, intelligent management to ease the pressure of insufficient prison police, release the pressure of regulatory funds. Changed the traditional management model to reduce prison operating costs. The difficulty of rehabilitation of offenders is reduced, because the probability of prisoner bullying gang trouble, fighting and brawling is reduced. Scientific management allows scientific means to replace human work, to achieve preferential treatment of police and improve the quality of work.
100% of the front-end recognition rate. Active card identification distance (2-100 meters), the program does not need to use handheld card reader placed next to the tag, can be fully automatic identification. Very high anti-collision (at the same time can identify 200 active cards), a high degree of identification stability (false code rate of less than one hundred thousand), truly achieve no false code, no card leakage. Improve the management level, centralized management, distributed control; effective prisoner management, improve the management of intelligent and scientific. This system makes prison breaks impossible, prison bullies can not be produced, and fights are reduced.
Wrist tag anti-destructive because the prison staff have a certain resistance to prison management, will not cooperate well and protect the wrist tag worn on the hand, we are equipped with anti-destructive alarm function on the wrist tag, can prevent prisoners from removing at will.
Home prison implementation becomes possible due to the lack of police force, the handling of some of the less socially dangerous admissions has been a major problem affecting law enforcement. With this system, the dignity of the law can be easily maintained. For example, the admission of drunk drivers, in some places overcrowded, if the implementation of the family prison is a good solution to this problem.

Application places RFID wristbands

RFID wristband tags can be used in a wide range of applications, including one-card, food and beverage consumption, time and attendance management, swimming pools, laundry centers, sauna centers and entertainment venues, warehouse management, airport parcel, parcel tracking hospital patient identification, childbirth, baby identification, and prison management, custody management, personnel location, etc. It looks like a RFID wristband watch, and it can be used in almost any situation where there is personnel identification or item identification management.
In the medical field with RFID medical wristbands is also more extensive, in addition to efficient and accurate identification of patient information, but also to better protect the privacy of patients. There are also some RFID medical wristbands that are dual-use for printing and RFID identification, and this RFID wristband hand tag is printed out through RFID medical wristband printers to meet more needs.

Medical industry

Wristband chip can first determine the patient’s injury situation, in the case of many injured people at the scene of a disaster, through the wristband scan, doctors can determine which patients need to be operated on first, which patients can be transferred to the rear for treatment. The information sent in advance to the mobile hospital through the scanning chip can help doctors determine the surgical plan in advance, after arriving at the mobile hospital, the first time to operate, you know, in the disaster relief every second saved can save many lives. After preliminary calculations, this “wristband surgery” system can improve the efficiency of traditional disaster surgery [2] by more than three times.

Kindergarten safety

The birth of the kindergarten refinement management system is crucial, and it is through RFID-related products combined with voice synthesis technology (TTS technology) solution, namely RFID cartoon wristband tag personnel location system.
In the reader and RFID wrist tag plus locator, and embedded voice synthesis chip, wrist tag through the reader to their own ID information and locator location information accurately back routed to the computer system, and then by the system processing can clearly reflect the location of the children, but also set up information in advance to use the voice prompt function to remind informed in a timely manner. RFID reader installed in the kindergarten various doorways, channels and more remote corners, etc. The RFID reader is installed at each entrance, channel and remote corner of the kindergarten to receive the information sent by all electronic tags in the area.

Solutions of RFID wristband tags

Hospital mother and baby RFID wristband management solutions

At present, most hospitals obstetrics and gynecology departments in the baby’s first birth, generally use to mother, baby wear a sign ring, until the discharge, as a way to identify the mother and baby, this sign ring is a purely physical medium, easy to be switched. The hospital’s existing management system does not allow families to enter and limit the number of visitors to the hospital, and controls the casual entry and exit of uninvited persons. Even so, it is difficult to do so in practice due to the eagerness of families to visit their mothers and babies. How to solve the problem of infant theft and prevent error reporting is a technical problem that maternity hospitals urgently need to solve.
Therefore, according to the actual situation and management needs of the hospital, the hospital mother and baby RFID wristband management system designed using advanced IoT technology is a solution based on the principle of openness, which supports both centralized management and humanized services and meets the current and future development needs. It will play a significant role in maternal and infant identification management, infant anti-theft management, and channel authority management in obstetrics and gynecology or women and children hospitals of large general hospitals.

RFID wristbands in the medical Internet of things solutions

RFID wristbands include patient name, gender, age, occupation, registration time, consultation time, diagnosis time, examination time, cost and other information. Patient identity information can be obtained without manual input, and the data can be encrypted to ensure the unique source of patient identity information, avoiding errors that may arise from manual input, while encryption maintains the security of the data. In addition, the wristband also has a positioning function, the wearer of the wristband can no longer sneak out of the hospital.
The system alerts when someone forcibly removes the “RFID wristband” or if the patient goes beyond the hospital’s prescribed range; wearing the “RFID wristband” with monitoring vital signs (respiration, heartbeat, blood pressure, pulse) and setting the “critical value “RFID wristband” can monitor the changes of vital signs 24 hours a day, and the system will immediately and automatically alarm when the “critical value” is reached, so that medical personnel can intervene at the first time. In the medical process, such as testing, film, surgery, drug administration, etc., can be confirmed through the “RFID wristband” patient information, and record the starting time of the work, to ensure that all levels of medical care and inspection personnel to carry out medical advice in place, without error, so that the entire treatment process to implement the entire quality The whole process of treatment is controlled.
Patients can check the medical expenses at any time through the “RFID wristband” on the designated reader, and can print the results of the expenses, as well as medical insurance policies, rules and regulations, nursing guidance, medical programs, drug information, etc., so as to improve the ease of access to medical information and satisfaction of patients.

Types of RFID systems

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and uses radio waves to transmit information between two or more devices. At its most basic level, an RFID system consists of a tag and a reader device. The tag consists of a transmitter, a receiver and an integrated circuit that stores the information. RFID tags can also have batteries, although this depends on the type of tag. There are three types of tags: passive, active and battery-assisted.

  • Passive-Passive RFID tags do not have a built-in battery; they are powered by radio energy transmitted by the reader.
  • Active – On-board batteries power RFID tags, and RFID tags can transmit information periodically without a reader.
  • Battery-assisted-RFID tags contain a battery that powers the tag only in the presence of a reader.
  • Communication between the tag and the reader does not require a line of sight or physical connection. However, the range is limited depending on the frequency at which the system operates.
  • Low frequency (125-134kHz) – very short read/write range of no more than a few centimeters with limited memory storage capacity. The data transfer speed is low and very few tags can be read at one time.
  • High frequency (13.56MHz)-Short read/write range of a few inches, but with greater memory capacity and moderate data transfer rates.
  • UHF (433MHz and 856-960MHz)-Long read/write range of up to 70 feet with high data capacity. Data transfer rates are also high.

When it comes to RFID wristband systems for parks and festivals, most use passive tags operating at high frequencies. Low-power radio waves activate the tag to read and write data used to identify guests.

Applications of RFID

Short-range RFID products are not afraid of harsh environments such as oil and dust contamination, and can replace bar codes in such environments, for example, used in factory assembly lines to track objects.
Long-distance radio frequency identification products are mostly used in traffic, recognition distance can reach tens of meters, such as automatic charging or identification of vehicle identity.

  1. In the retail industry, the use of bar code technology makes tens of thousands of commodity types, prices, origin, batches, shelves, inventory, sales and other links are managed in an orderly manner;
  2. The use of automatic vehicle identification technology makes the road and bridge, parking lot and other toll places avoid the phenomenon of vehicle queue clearance, reducing the waste of time, thus greatly improving the transportation efficiency and the capacity of transportation facilities;
  3. In the automated production line, all aspects of the entire product production process are placed under close monitoring and management;
  4. In the dust, pollution, cold, heat and other harsh environments, the use of long-distance range radio frequency identification technology to improve the truck driver must get off the inconvenience of the formalities;
  5. In the bus operation management, the automatic diagnosis system accurately records the vehicles in each station along the line to the departure station moment, provides the real-time reliable information for the vehicles scheduling and the whole operation management.

RFID electronic tag technology application is very wide, at present the typical application: animal chip, access control, air parcel recognition, document tracking management, parcel tracking recognition, animal husbandry, logistics management, mobile commerce, product anti-counterfeiting, sports timing, ticket management, car chip anti-theft device, parking control, production line automation, material management, etc.

How much data can RFID tags store?

An important factor in how RFID wristbands work is the storage capacity. The largest passive RFID tags can store up to 3720 bytes or 3.72 kilobytes of information. This may seem like a small amount, but it is enough to store your name, address, credit card number, date of birth, and any identifying information that your local administrator wants to track.
UHF tags can store up to 8 kilobytes of information, but such tags are typically reserved for the aerospace industry. For wristbands and access control systems, RFID tags are typically 3 KB or smaller and do not contain sensitive information such as your social security number.
The data you sometimes find stored on RFID tags may include identity credentials, purchase credits, vouchers, and even social media integrations. So when you pass a checkpoint, you can choose to have your activity automatically posted to social media. For hotels, RFID systems can even replace key cards for access control.
DorneyPark, an amusement park in Allentown, Pennsylvania, implemented a fast payment system using PDC’s RFID wristbands, resulting in increased customer spending and revenue. Meanwhile, customers have peace of mind knowing that their credit cards remain safely tucked away in their lockers.

RFID Wristbands as a Tracking Device

Since most RFID wristbands use high-frequency passive tags, they cannot actively track the wearer and are limited to very short distances. However, RFID systems can track the last known location of the wearer by recording the last checkpoint when the wearer used the wristband. For venues, RFID wristbands are best suited as non-cash contactless payment and access control.
RFID wristband systems and RFID technology will continue to evolve. If increased profits and a more efficient payment system are your top priorities, then RFID wristbands are a natural fit for you. With the information above, you can now understand how RFID wristbands work and understand their uses and limitations.

Packing and Shipping

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Q: Are you a trade company or manufacturer?
A: We are an manufacturer of EAS labels for more than 8 years in Zhejiang, welcome to visit us.
Q: What is your MOQ?
A: Any quantity is acceptable for your order. And the price is negotiable for large quantity.
Q: If samples free?
A: Yes, most of samples are free, but not cover freight cost. 
Q: What is your factory production capacity?
A: 700 million pcs labels per year.
Q: If I order big quantity, what’s the good price? 
A: We will refer to the detail item number, quantity, color and quote you our best price.
Q: What is the delivery time?
A: In gereal, 7-15 days after payment.
Q: What about your payment term?
A: According to your detail orders, general orders are 100% T/T in advance.
Q: Why choose actility? Any advantages? 

  • 1. Mutual benefit: We are a factory, our price will be cheaper in the same quality. 
  • 2. Mix order: We accept mix order, different model and small quantity order. 
  • 3. After-sales service : Keep in touch with customer anytime.

Q: How does your factory do about quality control?
A: Quality is priority. Our tags/labels are 100% tested and CE certificate is approved.





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