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EAS RF MONO Board RFMONO3.51 for 8.2MHz Security Antenna

China RF MONO Board Manufacturer www.tractility.com offers EAS RF MONO Board RFMONO3.51 for 8.2MHz Security Antenna.

Material: FR4 epoxy glass fiber or teflon

Type: RF MONO Board


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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: Actility / RHT
Model Number: RFMONO3.51 Frequency: 8.2MHz
Working Mode: MONO/TX+RX Dimension: 155*210mm
Detection Width: 0.8-2m (depend on tag) Operate Voltage: 110-230V 50-60HZ
Input Voltage: 24V DC, 2A Weight: 0.5 kg

Packaging & Delivery

  • Selling Units: Single item
  • Package Type: 1pcs/box, 24*18*5cm, 0.5kg
Quantity(Pieces) 1 – 50 >50
Est. Time(days) 15 To be negotiated

Products Description

20211117034124 62048 - EAS RF MONO Board RFMONO3.51 for 8.2MHz Security Antenna

What is a RF board?

RF is RF current which is a high-frequency AC variable electromagnetic wave. AC with a change of less than 1000 times per second is called low-frequency current, and AC with a change of more than 1000 times is called high-frequency current, and RF is such a high-frequency current. RF circuit refers to a circuit in which the electromagnetic wavelength of the signal is in the same order of magnitude as the size of the circuit or device.

Standard for RF board

  • 1. Low power RF board mainly uses standard FR4 material (good insulation characteristics, uniform material, dielectric constant 4,10%).
  • 2. In the PCB design of RF board, each component shall be closely arranged to ensure the shortest connection between each component.
  • 3. For a mixed signal PCB, the RF part and analog part shall be far away from the digital part (the distance is usually more than 2cm, at least 1cm shall be guaranteed), and the grounding of the digital part shall be separated from the RF part.
  • 4. When selecting components working in high-frequency environment, surface mount components should be used as much as possible because surface mount components are generally small and their pins are very short.

RF circuit layout principles

When designing RF layout, the following general principles must be given priority:

  • (1) Isolate the high-power RF amplifier (HPA) and low-noise amplifier (LNA) as far as possible, that is, keep the high-power RF transmitting circuit away from the low-power RF receiving circuit;
  • (2) Ensure that there is at least one piece of land in the high-power area on the PCB. It is best that there is no via on it. Of course, the larger the copper foil area, the better;
  • (3) Decoupling of circuit and power supply is also very important;
  • (4) RF output usually needs to be far away from RF input;
  • (5) Sensitive analog signals should be as far away from high-speed digital signals and RF signals as possible.

What are DSP boards?

DSP boards or Digital Signal Processor computer boards are at the heart of implementing high performance industrial systems. They collect and process digital data from many sources and distribute the results to other elements of the system. There are three main sources of data in the actual system: signals (input and output from the DSP processor), messages communicating with the system controller, and messages communicating with other DSP boards. important features of DSP boards include fast processors and good communication channels, because DSP boards need to collect and distribute data from many different sources.
Computer backplane or bus options for DSP boards include PCI, ISA or EISA, PCMCIA, PC/104, Mac PCI, SUN Sbus, PMC bus, PXI bus, Multibus, STD bus, VME bus, VXI or MXI bus, and DT connect I and II interfaces. PCI is a local bus system designed for high-end computer systems. Native bus systems. ISA is a standard for I/O buses that existed back in 1984 when IBM became the standard. PCMCIA devices (PC cards) are credit card-sized peripherals used primarily in notebook computers. the name PC/104 comes from the desktop personal computers (PCs) designed by IBM and the number of pins (104) used to connect the cards together. Mac PCI is a native bus standard developed by Intel. SBus boards were designed by Sun in 1989 and are the standard I/O interconnect for Sun computers, usually running under the Solaris or SunOS style of UNIX operating systems. the PMC bus is actually a form factor, not a bus – PXI is a superset of CompactPCI, adding timing and triggering capabilities, imposing requirements for recording environmental testing, and creating a standard Windows-based software framework. The STD bus was originally designed for factory and industrial environments because of its rugged design and small size. The VME bus is a 32-bit bus used for industrial, commercial and military applications. Motorola developed the VME standard with other companies in the late 1970’s. DT connect I and II are DT connect interfaces for data conversion.
Important processor or DSP performance specifications to consider for DSP boards include processor count, clock speed, floating point performance, integer performance, operation, maximum addressable memory, and operating temperature. General features and options to consider when looking for a DSP board include real-time clock, interrupt controller, memory management unit, dual-port memory, and direct memory access. Communication options include serial I/O ports, parallel I/O ports, on-board A/D converters, and on-board D/A converters. Some DSP boards can accept daughter boards and some DSP boards are daughter boards. An important environmental parameter to consider when searching for a DSP board is the operating temperature.20211117034258 52559 - EAS RF MONO Board RFMONO3.51 for 8.2MHz Security Antenna

Product Name
EAS RF board
Model Number
Working Mode
Operate Voltage
110-230V 50-60HZ
Detection Range
0.8-2.0(depend on tag)
Operating temperature
0°C to 40°C
24V DC, 2A
1pcs/box, 24*18*5cm, 0.5kg

RF MONO board

  • 1. Using advanced digital technology to perform signal processing,which is stong anti-interference. 
  • 2. Modulating frequency to transmitter and receiver correspondingly ,which strengthened the anti-interference ability to stagger the frequency in the complex environment.
  • 3. Increase sensitivity automatically adjust function,No need debug.
  • 4. Increase still tag exclude function.When there is still have some tag inside the detect area,the antenna will exclude this signal;then other tags pass the area ,the antenna still work properly.
  • 5. Increase the power protection function,if you made mistake when you connect the power’s positive and negative,will not cause any damage to the motherboard and power,power error indication red light,Re properly connect the power supply will be able to work properly.

20220218005453 94444 - EAS RF MONO Board RFMONO3.51 for 8.2MHz Security Antenna

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H9a33d9368d68460eba8d851cb4772d6dV - EAS RF MONO Board RFMONO3.51 for 8.2MHz Security Antenna

20211026042154 76158 - EAS RF MONO Board RFMONO3.51 for 8.2MHz Security Antenna

Packing and Shipping

20211117033003 75678 - EAS RF MONO Board RFMONO3.51 for 8.2MHz Security Antenna

Q: Are you a trade company or manufacturer?
A: We are an manufacturer of EAS labels for more than 8 years in Zhejiang, welcome to visit us.
Q: What is your MOQ?
A: Any quantity is acceptable for your order. And the price is negotiable for large quantity.
Q: If samples free?
A: Yes, most of samples are free, but not cover freight cost. 
Q: What is your factory production capacity?
A: 700 million pcs labels per year.
Q: If I order big quantity, what’s the good price? 
A: We will refer to the detail item number, quantity, color and quote you our best price.
Q: What is the delivery time?
A: In gereal, 7-15 days after payment.
Q: What about your payment term?
A: According to your detail orders, general orders are 100% T/T in advance.
Q: Why choose actility? Any advantages? 

  • 1. Mutual benefit: We are a factory, our price will be cheaper in the same quality. 
  • 2. Mix order: We accept mix order, different model and small quantity order. 
  • 3. After-sales service : Keep in touch with customer anytime.

Q: How does your factory do about quality control?
A: Quality is priority. Our tags/labels are 100% tested and CE certificate is approved.





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