A világ vezető kiskereskedelmi vállalataival folytatott munkánk során professzionális EAS, ESL, RFID és kiskereskedelmi videóelemzéseket kínálunk biztonsági megoldások a kiskereskedők számára minden méretben.

What is a source tagging?

Forráscímkézés is to fix the tagging on the object at the source. Source tagging is the final method adopted by large retail enterprises and chain enterprises. Source tagging can fundamentally solve a series of problems such as product production, warehousing, sales, anti fleeing and inventory, so as to reduce a lot of human and material resources and reduce the operation cost of enterprises.


At present, the most used source taggings are in the anti-theft area. Large supermarket chains. Due to the serious loss of products, installing taggings is a very complicated work. In order to solve this phenomenon, supermarkets bind the taggings before putting the products on the shelves, which not only saves the operation cost of supermarkets, but also realizes the purpose of tagging synchronization.
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