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Detailed RFID washing solutions for hotel and medical linen

Market demand analysis

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Market demand

Hotels, hospitals, baths and professional washing companies are facing thousands of processes such as handover, washing, ironing, sorting and storage of work clothes and linen every year. How to effectively track and manage the washing process, washing times, inventory status and effective classification of each piece of linen is a great challenge.
What are the specific pain points from the following aspects:

  • 1. The written handover of washing tasks is complicated and difficult to query;
  • 2. Due to the fear of cross infection, the statistical work of the quantity of some linen to be washed cannot be carried out, and the quantity of washed linen does not match the task, which is prone to commercial disputes;
  • 3. Each step of the washing process cannot be accurately monitored, and the linen is missing treatment;
  • 4. Washed linen cannot be classified accurately, wasting storage space.

Introduction of radio frequency technology

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Linen label is an ultra-high frequency soft washing label that can be washed more than 200 times in industry. Under industrial and medical washing conditions, it can withstand 60 bar atmospheric pressure and has stable and reliable performance.

Introduction of RFID radio frequency technology

The basic working principle of RFID technology is not complex: after the tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the RF signal sent by the reader, and sends the product information (passive tag) stored in the chip with the energy obtained by the induced current, or the tag actively sends the signal of a certain frequency. The reader reads and decodes the information and sends it to the central information system for relevant data processing.

Detailed RFID washing solutions for hotel and medical linen

Scheme Description:
Based on RFID technology, rongzhixing technology establishes an intelligent washing management system for washing factories, hospitals / hotels (leasing relationship), automatically collects the data of various operation links such as cloth washing, handover, warehousing, automatic sorting and inventory counting, and uploads the collected data to the background system in real time through various handheld terminals and fixed acquisition terminals, Master the status of each link of linen circulation in real time, and make real-time statistics on the washing times, washing expenses, as well as the rental quantity and rental expenses of each hotel. Realize the whole process visualization of washing management and provide real-time data support for the scientific management of enterprises.

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