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Customized EAS solutions: everything worth knowing

1. What is an EAS system?

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems help prevent retail theft. Although these type of solutions should put off shoplifters, it is important to retailers that they do not pose an obstruction to customers.

EAS antennas send and listen to signals at a specific frequency, usually within a range of six to eight feet. When an EAS tag or soft label passes between the antennas, it is detected and the store alarm is activated.

Each company’s EAS solution is different. Some last only a few minutes, while others last for years. It is important to know what problems you need to solve to ensure you get the right EAS solution.

Actility’s EAS solutions manufacture bespoke EAS solutions for a wide range of burglars. We can produce any EAS solution you need, and we can do it quickly and affordably. This article will explain everything you need to know about custom EAS solutions.

2. What is a custom EAS solution?

A custom EAS solution consists of six different state-of-the-art EAS antennas, a range of EAS tags designed for visualization and source tagging applications for a variety of different types of merchandise, and a deactivation device that provides faster and consistent decoding results at the POS end. The solution prevents potential shoplifting by enabling protected merchandise to be effectively deactivated, thereby avoiding unpleasant false alerts to honest customers and ensuring that antenna alerts do indeed involve theft so that store employees can respond appropriately. Initial test results show increased merchandise availability in the test stores, increased efficiency at the POS end of the store, and an improved customer shopping experience.
The combination also provides a variety of new visible tagging solutions to deter potential theft and ensure that retailers can safely display merchandise and have sufficient merchandise on the shelf to sell, while the Actility range is visible when placed outside of the packaging to deter shoplifting. Importantly for retailers and manufacturers of consumer packaged goods, the new tamper evident labels are so small that they do not obscure any important product information on the packaging. This technological innovation is made possible by the latest developments in detection and decoding, enabling the small series of tags to achieve unprecedented deterrence, decoding and detection effects. This also allows retailers and consumer packaged goods to protect a wider variety of products and increase shelf availability.
One of the challenges retailers have always faced is how to confidently confirm that this is shoplifting when an alarm occurs. Now, thanks to highly efficient built-in electronics, the advanced antennas in the EAS system can provide superior detection for retail stores, regardless of the size and location of the EAS tag. When used in conjunction with the Actility range of tags, the combined system was able to reduce store wastage by 30% in field trials. It can also increase sales by an average of 10% by reducing out-of-stocks and increasing product availability.
Having the right products in the right place at the right time is critical if retailers are to improve the in-store shopping experience and increase sales. To achieve this goal, retailers need to have an appropriate and complete solution to stop theft, decode merchandise and detect stolen goods quickly and efficiently. After years of research, development and experience, this solution is the most complete EAS solution we have ever produced. And we have the data to prove that it really works.
Custom-designed EAS solutions are used in a variety of retail industries. In some cases, special EAS solutions must meet aesthetic design specifications.

3. How do I create a custom EAS solution?

Once we understand your needs, our team can design an EAS solution that meets or exceeds your requirements. We have an in-house engineering department with over 10 years of experience, so you can be sure we will create a perfect EAS solution for your retail theft prevention needs. The following considerations need to be understood before any major custom EAS solution is manufactured.
There are four main technologies used in EAS systems, radio frequency, electromagnetic, acoustic magnetic, and radio frequency identification. Since electromagnetic and RF products are inexpensive and their labels are usually permanently affixed to merchandise or merchandise packaging; while microwave and acoustic magnetic labels are a bit more expensive, most supermarkets in general will choose electromagnetic and RF. So to electromagnetic and RF description. Radio frequency: mainly by the detector, decoder and electronic tag three parts, auxiliary equipment and unlocker. Electronic label is divided into soft label and hard tag, soft label cost is lower, directly adhered to the more “hard” goods, soft label can not be reused; hard tag one-time cost is higher than the soft label, but can be reused. Hard tags must be equipped with a special nailer, mostly used for soft, easy-to-penetrate items such as clothing. The decoder is mostly a non-contact device with certain decoding height. When the cashier takes out the cash or bags, the electronic label can be decoded without touching the demagnetized area. There is also the decoder and laser barcode scanner synthesized into one device, so that the collection of goods and decoding can be completed at one time to facilitate the work of the cashier, and such a method must cooperate with the laser barcode supplier to exclude the mutual interference between the two and improve the decoding sensitivity. The detector is generally the detection system device at the entrance and exit of the mall or the cashier channel. After receiving the correct amount of money from a customer for an item, the cashier can authorize the item to leave a designated area legally by neutralizing the label affixed to the item. The undecoded merchandise taken away from the mall will trigger an alarm when it passes through the detector device (mostly door-like), thus alerting the cashier, the customer and the mall security personnel to deal with it in time.
Electromagnetic system: mainly composed of anti-theft antenna, demagnetizer, magnetic stripe; auxiliary and magnetic stripe detector composition. Performance indicators comparison.
1. Detection rate: detection rate refers to the number of alarms when the unit number of valid tags pass through different locations of the detection area in different directions.
Wireless radio frequency: for daily-use department stores, radio frequency system due to its soft label for the ring coil type, if the protected goods have tin foil or metal components, it loses the alarm effect, the comprehensive alarm rate is low. Generally 60-80%; electromagnetic system: due to the ware used supplies for the magnetic strip, by the foil or small metal composition is not affected, the alarm rate can be large between 95%.
2. The ability to resist metal interference: the most seriously affected by metal shielding is the radio / RF system, which may be one of the main limitations of radio / RF in the actual use of performance. Electromagnetic wave system will also be affected by metal objects, when a large piece of metal into the detection area of the electromagnetic wave system, the system will appear to “stop” phenomenon, when the metal shopping carts, shopping baskets through, the goods inside even if there is a valid label, but also because of shielding and do not generate alarms.
3. Protection width: Shopping malls need to consider the protection width of the anti-theft system, so as not to be too narrow between the width of the support, affecting customer access. Moreover, shopping malls are hoping that the entrances and exits are more spacious. Electromagnetic system is generally installed in the width of 75-120 cm, RF for 90-160 cm.
4. The protection of goods types: from the entire department store supermarket protection range will be, due to the supermarket in many small goods wrapping paper containing tin foil or metal components, RF system to protect soft labels easy to shield not alarm, the number of protected goods less, electromagnetic system to protect the types of greater than the RF system.
5. Price considerations: electromagnetic system anti-theft antenna price is higher than the RF system; electromagnetic system consumables price is much smaller than the price of RF system consumables.
Supermarket anti-theft system design principles.

  • (1) to ensure the normal circulation of personnel and goods yard.
  • (2) to facilitate the security personnel to deal with the police situation.
  • (3) To ensure that goods are effectively protected.

Components of EAS solutions

EAS detection system

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EAS inspection systems are installed at the exit of retail stores to detect non-degaussed hard or soft labels. Various forms of systems are available to meet the different needs of the retailer and the design requirements of the store. For example, concealed systems are used in high-end retail environments where aesthetics are important; aisle systems are used in supermarkets with multiple checkout lanes; and vertical systems are used in other locations.

EAS soft labels and hard tags

Installed on the goods, the decoded induction tags can cause an alarm when passing through the detection device and can be used to protect goods from loss or theft, hard tags are also known as anti-theft buckles, magnetic buckles, anti-theft tags, etc., soft labels are also known as magnetic codes, anti-theft post, anti-theft tags, anti-theft bar codes, etc.

  • 1. Acoustic magnetic anti-theft soft labels, radio frequency anti-theft soft labels.
  • 2. Acoustic magnetic hard tags, RF hard tags, hard tags consist of tags and tag nails.
  • 3. Special tags, such as anti-theft milk powder buckle, anti-theft wine bottle buckle, anti-theft protection box, anti-theft strapping, etc.

Strong hard tags and low-cost, compact EAS soft labels, high detection rate, no false alarms.
The cashier at the EAS nail picker / demagnetizer
Ergonomically designed and easy to use, the spike picker and demagnetizer are used to quickly demagnetize EAS tags and remove hard EAS tags after collection, helping retailers maximize checkout efficiency and increase checkout speed in the checkout lane.

Quick Decoder

Used to demagnetize the alarm performance of soft induction tags, i.e. no more alarm when passing through the checkout device after decoding, non-contact decoder, decoding distance, easy to use, fast decoding speed and strong decoding reliability.
1. Acoustic magnetic demagnetizer, also known as acoustic magnetic decoder.
2. RF decoder:
Radio frequency non-contact decoder has a decoding height of 15-30cm.
Radio frequency is applicable to all 8.2MHz soft labels.
Sound magnetic non-contact demagnetizer has a demagnetization height of 5-15cm and vibration feeling when demagnetizing.

Staple remover

Magnetic staple remover, used to recover anti-theft hard tags and special tags to make goods lose (un)alarm function. Also known as unbuttoner, unlocker, extractor, etc.

  • 1. Magnetic nail extractor, custom-made super strong magnet made.
  • 2. Mechanical unlocker, special structure of the mechanical way to open the lock.

A variety of goods anti-theft.

Valuables anti-theft: luggage box spider tags, self-telling tags, jewelry anti-theft.
Supermarket display hook anti-theft: Anti-hook lock series.
Mobile phone anti-theft, IPAD / tablet anti-theft, cell phone display anti-theft device, to provide merchants with product display, through the actual experience of the seller to guide the sales behavior.

  • 1. Mobile phone display function, which allows customers to personally experience the new functions of cell phones.
  • 2. Mobile phone anti-theft function, you can achieve the anti-theft of cell phones through the contact switch.
  • 3. Mobile phone charging port anti-theft function, cell phone charging port has anti-theft function while charging, saving the original panel contact anti-theft, more beautiful and simple.
  • 4. Mobile phone receiving function, can be removed by the cell phone display security device on the bracket, to achieve the night safe receiving function.

Installation of electronic anti-theft system

  • 1. The location of the detector installation shall not be installed within 0.5 meters from the metal door or within 1 meter of any metal object. Metal objects include metal wall bars, display shelves, metal display cabinets, metal shopping carts, etc. The detector shall not be installed within 2 meters from cash registers, credit card identification devices, telephones, computers, data cable lines, neon lights, air conditioners and heaters, etc.
  • 2. In order to ensure the quality of the project, first of all, the site to survey the source of interference, such as can not be ruled out, the installation of machines to be far from the source of interference. Interference sources generally include two kinds: the first is active interference, such as a variety of electrical spark interference, motor, hair dryer and fire caused by poor contact, or interference formed by serious power supply clutter; the second interference for passive interference, such as the machine near the coil of wire, cashier POS machine, printer of various signal lines, power lines whether there is a roll, etc..
  • 3. RF detector power box using 10A two-pole with grounding plug, in order to avoid interference with other appliances caused by each other, should use an independent AC220V power supply, the power socket must be in line with safety standards 10A two-pole with grounding socket.
  • 4. Due to the RF detector using electronic resonance principle, with metal shielding can fail, so there are certain limitations. Users should pay attention to the use of some metal or metal film packaging of goods such as milk powder, chocolate, etc., the anti-theft label directly affixed will not be protected, should be protected by special straps and protective boxes.

How EAS solutions work

The merchant who has purchased an EAS system should attach the applicable tags to the merchandise according to the different commodities, and at the same time install detection antennas at the exit channels of the mall. If the customer does not pay, when he passes through the detection antenna, the transmitter and receiver will start to work and scan the electronic tags attached to the goods, which will then trigger an alarm and stop the goods from going out. Compared with television monitoring, EAS is not affected by human factors and avoids the situation where the terminal personnel in television monitoring look at the screen for a long time and become blind due to fatigue or produce a blank monitoring site when the camera sweeps around. On the other hand, the EAS system eliminates the feeling of being watched by the cameras in TV surveillance and improves the relationship between the mall and the customer, achieving the two goals of protecting both the interests of the mall and the legitimate rights of the customer, reflecting the idea of physical and technological defense.
We provide EAS retail anti-theft loss solutions to retailers around the world. We have a wide range of electronic anti-theft products, including RF/AM hard tags, RF/AM soft labels, ink tags, RF/AM detection systems, RF/AM decoders, magnetic unlockers, etc. A comprehensive quality management system has been established to ensure efficient operation and sustainable development. Our solutions not only increase sales profits quickly, but also reduce labor costs and theft losses.

Application areas of EAS solutions

EAS solutions are widely used for a variety of goods such as apparel, accessories, cosmetics, digital products, food and beverage, optical, sports equipment, and household goods, providing retailers with convenient commercial loss prevention measures that reduce labor costs while increasing business revenue.

Apparel and Accessories

For apparel stores, EAS alarm detection systems are used at the entrance, hard or soft labels (source tags) are used in the merchandise, and lock openers and decoding devices are used at the checkout counter. After the customer has paid, the store manager will decode the soft label or remove the hard tag and the customer can take the merchandise out of the store without triggering the system alarm. If they take the clothes out of the store without unlocking the tags, the alarm detection system will alert them to the theft.


For cosmetics stores, soft and active tags can be used, along with EAS detection systems, decoding devices and unlockers. If a customer takes goods out of the store before they are decoded or unlocked for processing, the detection system will raise an alarm to prevent shoplifting.

Large Supermarket Stores

Supermarkets have a wide variety of goods that need to be protected, so a variety of soft and hard tags will be used to meet different needs, such as clothing, cosmetics, alcoholic products, household goods, food, etc. The detection system is usually installed outside the checkout counter, and when the customer finishes paying, the tag will be unlocked or decoded to avoid causing the detection system to alarm.

Electronic products and toys

For home appliances, computer accessories, high-end toys, etc., both soft and active tags are applicable, while the store needs to be equipped with EAS detection system, decoding equipment and unlocker. If a customer takes goods out of the store before they are decoded or unlocked for processing, the detection system will raise an alarm to avoid shoplifting.

Liquor products

We have a special range for alcohol products. Depending on the security level requirements of the retailer, we can provide regular wine clasps or special tags specifically for anti-theft drinking, which not only generate anti-theft alarms when unlocked alcohol products are taken out, but also prevent some thieves from stealing drinks in the store.


For optical glasses and sunglasses, customers can use soft labels or glasses-specific series of hard tags, with the cooperation of the detection system, if the tag is not unlocked or not decoded before being taken out of the store will trigger an alarm to prevent theft, while glasses-specific tags will not affect the comfort of customers trying them on.
Different venues have different usage requirements, and the component purchase options are basically as follows.

  1. Design solutions using only soft labels (such as bookstores, libraries, etc.): soft label + decoder + detection antenna.
  2. Design solutions using only hard tags (such as clothing, audio-visual stores, etc.): hard tag + unlocker + detection antenna.
  3. Design solutions using both hard and soft labels (such as supermarkets, shopping malls, hypermarkets, etc.): soft and hard tags + unlockers + decoders + detection antennas.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a bespoke EAS solution?

Actility can quickly custom design and manufacture EAS solutions to suit a wide range of applications. This allows you to get an EAS solution that meets your specific requirements, rather than using a standard EAS solution that doesn’t work. Below you will find some of the advantages of using a bespoke EAS solution.

Superiority of Electronic Security Systems

1. Advanced and applicable
Using the most advanced software, hardware and network technology, low error rate, strong compatibility, easy to upgrade, modular structure, easy to expand, no duplication of construction investment, the technical performance and quality indicators of the system should reach the international leading level; at the same time, the installation and commissioning of the system, software programming and operation should be easy to use and easy to master, suitable for China’s national conditions and the characteristics of this project. The system integrates many international advanced technologies, reflects the latest development level of computer control technology and computer network technology, and meets the requirements of the development of the times. At the same time, the system is a system for various management levels, and its functions are configured to provide users with comfort, security, convenience and speed as the criteria, and its operation should be easy to learn.
2. Economy and practicality
Administrators can manage the system and burglar alarm system skilled use, the use of burglar alarm system to grasp the situation in real time, taking into account the actual needs of users and the development trend of information technology, according to the user’s site environment, the design and selection of features suitable for the site situation, in line with the user’s requirements of the system configuration program, through a tight, organic combination to achieve the best performance-to-price ratio in order to save investment in engineering, while to ensure the implementation of the system function requirements, economic and practical.
3. Reliability and security
 The hardware is advanced, mature and reliable, and has been used in similar projects and proved to be able to adapt to the outdoor environment, the software is a good Chinese interface, the system design should have high reliability, after the system failure or accident caused by interruption, can ensure the accuracy, integrity and consistency of data, and has the function of rapid recovery, while the system has a complete set of system management strategy, which can ensure the operational safety of the system.
4. Openness
With the existing mature products as the object design, but also take into account the status of the surrounding information and communication environment and the development trend of technology, can fire, monitoring, spotlight system to achieve linkage.
5. Expandability
The system design takes into account the future development of technology and the need to use, with the possibility of updating, expansion and upgrading. And according to the actual requirements of the project engineering in the future to expand the system functions, at the same time, the program is designed to leave redundancy in order to meet the requirements of future development. Through the componentized, modularized and hierarchical system planning and design, it brings great convenience for normal use and fault detection.
6. Pursue the most optimal system equipment configuration
Under the premise of meeting the user’s requirements for function, quality, performance, price and service, the most optimal system equipment configuration is pursued to minimize the system cost.
7. Retain sufficient expansion capacity
The control capacity of the equipment to retain a certain margin in order to transform new control points in the system; the system also retains the interface to connect with other computers or automation systems; also try to consider the future development of science and the application of new technologies.
8. Improve supervision and comprehensive management level
System equipment control needs to be efficient, accurate and reliable. The system through the central control system for the operation of each subsystem for integrated monitoring, time to time dynamic support to hold the monitoring and alarm situation. The burglar alarm system greatly reduces labor intensity and equipment operation and maintenance personnel; in addition, the system’s integrated management can make the equipment operate according to the optimal combination, operating in the best case, which can save energy and greatly reduce equipment loss and equipment maintenance costs, thus improving supervision and comprehensive management level.
Compared with the closed-circuit television system, the superiority of the electronic anti-theft system is very obvious:

  • (1) High efficiency. Electronic anti-theft system in the thief out of the door to catch him on the spot, the theft has a huge deterrent effect, while the closed-circuit television system even if the inspector observed the behavior of hiding goods, but only until after he went out to search the body to check, the tracking time is long, and not always effective. 
  • (2) Save manpower. Closed-circuit television system requires several people to stare at the screen all day and night, greatly increasing the cost of wages in the mall, increasing the mall’s operational difficulties, while the electronic security system can be managed by security personnel part-time.

Now that we have learned the basics of EAS solutions, let’s look at some of the drawbacks.
Higher cost
Custom EAS solutions typically cost more than standard EAS solutions due to the design and manufacturing time required. However, the additional benefits often make them worth the investment.
Limited availability
Custom EAS solutions are not always available from stock and may therefore take longer to deliver. This is especially true for rare or special connectors.
Fewer options
As bespoke EAS solutions are not usually available from stock, your choice of materials and styles may be limited.
Actility’s EAS solutions offer a wide range of products to help meet your EAS solution needs. You can choose from a range of colors, patterns and material types from our range of products.

5. Where do I order a custom EAS solution?

If you are looking for a custom EAS solution provider, the market can be a bit overwhelming. Many companies offer special EAS solutions, but not all have the same capability or quality.
Actility’s EAS solutions are one of the few companies that offer a full range of bespoke EAS solution services from design to manufacture and delivery. We have the experience and expertise to manufacture high quality EAS solutions for the retail industry. If you have performance, durability or aesthetic concerns, our dedicated team can help you find the perfect bespoke EAS solution solution.
If you are ready to order a custom EAS solution, please contact us today. We would be happy to work with you to create the perfect EAS solution for your needs. You can also visit our website to learn more about our products and services.

SourceChina EAS Solution Provider – Actility Technologies Company Limited (www.tractility.com)

Actility provides powerful security solutions for retail store management to prevent asset and property losses, improve transaction security, and provide intelligent analysis. We produce AM/EM/RFID systems, EAS tags, EAS soft labels, EAS safer, lanyards, detachers and all kinds EAS accessories products. Infrared people counter and camera people counter is available.
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