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Application of RFID technology in animal production management

In recent 10 years, animal epidemics have been breaking out all over the world, and animal derived food poisoning events caused by pathogenic microbial pollution, excessive residues of veterinary drugs and feed additives have occurred frequently, which not only poses a serious threat to people’s health and life safety, but also poses a great challenge to animal production management and animal derived food safety supervision. The new food safety control mechanism of “from farm to table” requires the government to establish an effective tracking system for animals and animal products, so as to implement the whole process and all-round supervision, management and control of the production and processing of animal products. In recent years, the rapid development of animal RFID tags technology has become the best choice for countries to establish traceability system.

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Working principle of animal RFID tags

The hardware of the animal RFID tags system includes two parts: animal RFID tags and animal RFID tags reader. The reader/writer communicates with the animal RFID tags through RF signal, the system sends instructions to the animal RFID tags through the reader/writer, and analyzes the relevant information returned by the animal RFID tags through the reader/writer; The animal RFID tags is used by the transponder to respond to the instructions of the reader and writer and report the processing results.
An animal RFID tags consists of a tag antenna and a tag chip. The tag antenna is the end of signal and energy transmission between the reader and the tag chip. The tag chip makes corresponding operation and response according to the instructions of the reader.
Animal RFID tags is a kind of radio frequency tag with information storage and processing ability, which is used to represent animal attributes. It is the application of radio frequency technology in animal management. The animal RFID tags in the Animal RFID tags system stores all kinds of animal information, and has a 64 bit (8 bytes) identification code compiled in strict accordance with the coding standard of the international organization for Standardization (ISO), which is unique in the world. In animal husbandry applications, animal RFID tags are usually designed and packaged into different types and installed on animals for tracking and recognition.

Collar type animal RFID tags

The animal RFID tags has large mobility and can be easily changed from one animal to another, but the cost of the tag is high. It is mainly used for automatic feed rationing in the stable and measuring the milk yield.

Ear tags

Ear tags not only stores more information and data, but also resists dirt, rain and harsh environment. Its performance is much better than bar code ear tag, so it has a wide range of applications.

Injectable animal RFID tags

It uses a special tool to place the animal RFID tags under the skin of the animal to establish a fixed connection with the body, which can be revoked only through surgery.

Pill type animal RFID tags

It places an animal RFID tags in an acid resistant cylindrical container (mostly ceramic) and into the rumen of ruminants through the animal’s esophagus. Generally, pill type animal RFID tags will stay in the stomach of animals for life. This method is simple and reliable, and the animal RFID tags can be placed in the animal without harming the animal.

Application of animal RFID tags in animal production management

The application of animal RFID tags technology in animal management originated from the identification of horse racing. At the beginning, the animal RFID tags encapsulated in a small glass bottle was placed under the skin of horse racing to confirm its identity. The animal RFID tags identification of animals provides a set of practical methods for the modern management of pastures. The animal RFID tags system can accurately and comprehensively record the feeding, growth and disease prevention of animals, and accurately identify the meat quality and other information, so as to realize the traceable management of animals and animal products from feeding to final sales.

Application of animal RFID tags in animal and animal product traceability

The animal RFID tags is not easy to be damaged and lost after it is placed in the animal, and the data stored in it is not easy to be changed and lost. In addition, the global uniqueness of the tag of the animal RFID tags makes the animal RFID tags an “electronic ID card” that will never disappear for animals. It can be used to trace important information such as animal variety, source, immunity, treatment, medication and health status, so as to serve animal epidemic prevention and veterinary drug residue monitoring. More importantly, when slaughtering an animal with an animal RFID tags, the information in the animal RFID tags and the data of the slaughterhouse are stored in the supermarket display tag selling the animal meat. The tag can provide food content or source history and distribution data, can be tracked through various food manufacturing stages, and can be accurately monitored through the distribution chain of restaurant supply network or supermarket where consumers buy food. Once a problem is found, the source of the problem can be found through the computer “traceability software”, which is conducive to management analysis, timely find the problem and ensure the quality and hygiene of meat products.

Application of animal RFID tags in daily management of livestock

Due to the emergence of non-contact animal RFID tags, some automatic quantitative feeding systems have been popularized in animal husbandry. The full-automatic sow thinking system (team), the full-automatic breeding pig production performance measurement system (fire), the automatic phased feeding system for growing and finishing pigs (weight watcher) designed by Osborne company of the United States, as well as the dairy cow precise feeding system and automatic milk production measurement management system designed by IMAC company of China The pork system and other livestock feeding and management systems designed by Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other units are based on the use of animal RFID tags.
In addition to the application of automatic feed rationing and yield statistics within the enterprise, the animal RFID tags management system can also be used for animal identification, disease monitoring, quality control and tracking animal varieties. It is one of the most effective methods to master animal health status and control animal epidemic.

Application of animal RFID tags in pet management

At present, many countries and regions (such as the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, etc.) have implemented electronic identification management for pets. China’s cities such as Shanghai and Nanjing have also begun to apply animal RFID tags in pet management. Since 2000, 33000 prospective dogs have been injected with electronic chips in Shanghai.


China is a large agricultural country, and animal husbandry products play an important role in the circulation field of domestic and foreign markets. In recent years, major epidemics caused by animals and their products have occurred from time to time in China. Moreover, due to the wide area, large population and large mobility of personnel, the harm caused is huge. It takes a long time to stop the epidemic and pays a high price. Therefore, further research, promotion and application of RFID technology in animal husbandry production to establish an effective traceability system for animals and animal products, and implement the whole process, all-round and orderly management and supervision of animal feeding, transportation, slaughter and the processing and circulation of products will promote the sustainable and healthy development of animal husbandry in China, At the same time, it is also a guarantee for China to build a harmonious society in the 2l century.

SourceChina Animal RFID Tags Manufacturer – Actility Technologies Company Limited (www.tractility.com)



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